Looking for a unique experience for your next holiday? If so, have you considered a Nile river cruise? A Nile river cruise can offer you experiences you simply wont be able to have on other types of holiday – such as package or beach holidays. Travelling the Nile to see various sights, countries and cities alongside it will give you a much broader experience than a holiday to one destination. Plus, many of these places are absolutely filled to the brim with amazing culture and sights. There’s no chance you’ll be bored on a Nile river cruise! In addition to the amazing sights you will see, a Nile cruise can also be an extremely relaxed experience, for those who love a bit of luxury. It really is the best of both worlds. Read on for the top reasons to choose a Nile cruise for your next getaway.

Immerse Yourself In Culture & History

If you love ancient history, culture and architecture, a Nile river cruise really is the very best option for an activity packed holiday. There are so many things you can see and visit. 11 African countries border the Nile, and there are unique and interesting cultures in every single one. See one of the last remaining ancient wonder of the world – the Pyramids of Giza. Visit the Ancient Egyptian museum in Cairo, and visit the Royal Mummy Room. Wherever you look, there is a rich history of culture on your doorstep. A Nile cruise really helps to ‘bring history alive’, so if you have an interest in everything ancient, there’s no better way to experience it all for yourself first hand.

You’ll Never Get Bored

When you take a traditional holiday, you often book to go to one destination, and spend your time there by the pool or beach. This is great for a while, but oftentimes you can get bored doing so for a few weeks. With a Nile cruise, you don’t need to worry about boredom. When on the cruise ship, there’s many activities you can take part in, with a full entertainment schedule. In addition to this, you will likely take many excursions from the cruise ship. These vary from days at the beach, to touring relics and ruins, seeing wondrous sights, tasting local cuisines, and generally soaking in the culture of multiple different cultures – from various countries and cities. One thing you can guarantee about such a varied tour is that you’ll absolutely never get bored!

It Can Be Action Packed Or Relaxed

Something you may never have considered about a cruise is that you can completely tailor it to how you like your holiday. If you want full luxury, hot weather, and a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful sights, you can stay aboard the amazing cruise ship if you care to. However for those who love a day trip, you can do as many excursions as you feel like. Or, you can do a bit of both! So if you’ve always favoured luxury beach holidays – but found them a bit lacklustre – a cruise may be absolutely perfect for you.

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