Majority passengers use economy class for travel as it is much more affordable. Financial constraints are pretty much the only reason why people haven’t switched completely to using business class. In every way, business class outweighs economy class.

Being a business class user entitles you to better services, greater comfort, tastier meals and priority treatment on board as well as at the airport. So how do you manage to experience this luxury with your limited budget?

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind.

1. Fly off-season

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Business class flights are extremely expensive during the peak season. So if you really want to enjoy the luxuries of business class, maneuver your schedule a bit and fly at a time when airlines are desperately looking for customers. I was able to find business class flights to Rome last year at incredibly reasonable prices. The same business class flights were completely out of my budget this year. Reason being the time difference. Last year, I was traveling in November and this year, I was looking to visit in the summers.

2. Join a Loyalty Program

Frequent flyer programs really do come in handy when you are shopping for air tickets. The airline miles earned through these programs can be redeemed on flights later. Airline miles help bring down the cost of a business class flight.

3. Be Flexible About Your Destination

Travelers who really want to experience business class should be flexible when choosing their vacation destination. For example business class flights to Colombo will be way cheaper as opposed to business class flights to Rome.

4. Split Your Journey

Like I mentioned above too, business class flights to some destinations are cheaper than others. So instead of flying economy in discomfort to your desired location, you should fly business class to a nearby cheap destination and then get to your actual destination from there. This is a tried and tested method. It has worked wonders for a lot of travelers.

5. Fly With a Relatively Lesser Known Airline

Naturally, Emirates is going to be a lot more expensive than a small-scale newly formed airline. When an airline is looking to expand its customer base, they will do all sorts of stuff to attract clients. Selling discounted business class flights is one of the many perks offered.

6. Upgrade to Business Class

Many expert travelers agree that upgrading to business class may work more in your favor than directly purchasing one. In fact, trying to upgrade at the last minute has been known to be very fruitful. But this only happens when there is a spare business class seat available at the last minute. The airline would much rather want the business class seat taken at a slightly lower fare than usual rather than have it stay empty. So it all depends on your luck eventually.