Durga puja is a festival, mainly it is celebrated in west Bengal and many other places in India. This festival is celebrated during the month of September and October. During this festival, people make a theme based ‘pandal’ and people perform rituals to the statue. Sometimes certain regions conduct competetions to find out the most beautiful ‘Pandal’ in the region.

In this article we will talk about the top places to enjoy Durga puja in India.

  1. Kolkata

Kolkata celebrates Durga puja with great joy. This festival is celebrated because peoples believe that the goddess return to them like a married women. Durga puja is not a merely a religious festival. It is a grand celebration, an exultation of spirit. They make pandals on roadside and some make at their homes. Inside the pandal you can find the beautiful statue of Lord Durga.

Durga puja is one of the most popular festival of Kolkata and Kolkata is at the top place to celebrate this festival. If you are planning to visit Kolakata during the month of September and October so don’t skip to celebrate this festival.

  1. Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the best destination to visit during Durga Puja. There are several amazing Durga Pandals in Mumbai but Balkanji temple in Santacruz is a must visit destination. The celebration will be similar as a West Bengal and many bengalies and celebrities visit at top pandals in the city. The main is that in Mumbai pandals are hosted by Mukherji family and in pandals both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is served.

  1. Varanasi

Varanasi is also at top list to celebrate Durga Puja. Varanasi is the oldest city in the world. There is no comparison of the event as the organize. The best pandals to visit in Varanasi are Hathua Market, Shri Durga puja Sewa samiti at Sanatan Dharma inter college and you can watch the live performance of Baba Machhodranath at Jitpura pandal of Ma Bageshwari Durga puja club.

In Varanasi, Durga puja stay till the 10 day to witness the celebration of Dusshera. If you are celebrate the Durga puja or you like to watch pandals, you can celebrate the Durga Puja at Varanasi also Varanasi is also a best place to celebrate this festival. Read more about the itinerary of Palace on Wheels train which showcase all the destinations.

  1. Benguluru

Benguluru is an important destination where Durga Puja is celebrated and Benguluru celebrate this festival similar as a Kolkata celebrate. The benguluru is also more excited to welcoming a Durga Maa as compare to Kolkata.

The best Pandal in Benguluru are ‘ The socio Cultural Association’ located in Indranagar, cubbon park film city, Banglore Palace. In this pandal thousands of tourists and locals visit. The best part of this Pandal is beautiful Durga statues delicious food like Kobiraji cutlet, Luchi Mangsho and others dishes. Banguluru is the main destination to enjoy Durga puja.

  1. Assam

Assam committee organize the largest Durga Puja in this region. In Assam 100ft tall statue of Durga made by bamboo. This feature attracts the tourists to visit the Pandal and you can find music performances, dances and many more in this region. Before planning your trip, must check out the iconic Palace on Wheels route map which shows all the destinations.

Pandal welcome all the peoples of all religion to celebrate the Durga puja. There is no caste discrimination to enter in the pandal. If you are planning to visit Assam during the month of festival so don’t skip to celebrate this festival. Assam is one of the best destination to celebrate this festival.

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