Close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by deep icy-blue waters, snow-capped mountains and pine forests, so dense and you can hardly spot the brown bears roaming in between them. Bald eagles fly overhead as the silence of your raw, out-of-this-world surroundings is broken by a pod of humpback whales breaching the surface as you cruise past towering glaciers on your private yacht. Such a stunning picture may sound fantastical, but this and so much more awaits you during a luxury charter through Alaska.

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Many visitors find the sheer scale of the natural wilderness in this haven on the edge of North America surreal, and for a good reason. A yacht charter through Alaska offers visitors the opportunity to experience raw nature like never before. Combining the best of luxury with dramatic seascapes and landscapes, this year-round mystical destination may not be one of the top locations on your travel list, but we are here to show you otherwise.

An off the beaten track journey, Alaska may not have the sandy white beaches of the Caribbean nor the glamorous appeal of the French Riviera, but it offers a wonderland of nature, peace and tranquillity. One of the most ideal times to visit this magnificent destination is during the winter season, from October through to February, when the days are shorter. Enhancing the misty, mystical appeal of the natural landscapes, the shorter days also offer the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, one of the world’s most magical natural light occurrences. Gaze at this beautiful natural phenomenon from the deck of your luxury charter as you cruise quietly between staggering glaciers, sip a hot drink prepared by your crew.

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Alaska is also spectacular to see during the warmer summer months. Temperatures during these months can reach upwards of 27°C, encouraging you to explore more of the untouched wild surroundings. The hotter climate makes it easier to enjoy a list of thrilling outdoor activities, such as kayaking, ziplining over the forest and trekking along the rocky shoreline. An adventurer’s playground, Alaska holds a wealth of history and culture.

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Learn more about the indigenous Tlingit people at the national historical park in Sitka. A Russian town, the town is well known for its unique flora and fauna and the Sitka Totem Park, known for its collection of native totem poles. Visit Take, a remote village with no roads and cars, for an authentic taste of life in Alaska and stop by the natural hot springs from where this charming village gets its name before sampling local delicatessens. While you cruise down the famous Inside Passage, see how many different species of wildlife you can spot. From salmon to orcas, brown bears and humpback whales, moose and deer, Alaska is home to many animals. Enjoy navigating through its many fjords, taking in the sheer grandness of the glaciers and ice chunks before trying out your hand at fishing for cod, salmon or halibut by the entrance of Salisbury Sound. Throughout your luxury charter in Alaska, you are sure to come across several sites, sounds and experiences which will create wonderful, magical and unique memories for you and your loved ones.

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