Switzerland, one of the boss countries which comprised of both wealthiest and developed places in and around its territory. The place which is famous for its neutrality and chocolates.

Cuisines: – Though they are quite famous for chocolates, it is not they don’t have the fine cuisine. Some of the cuisines of Switzerland include:

  • Cheese fondue.
  • Rosti
  • Bircher muesli.

And a lot more dishes made of chocolates are available from the menu.

Places to visit: – Being one of the popular countries it does have a handful of places to visit. Even the mode of transportation seems fascinating. Some of the places are

  • Chillion castle.

This is one of the most visited castles in the world. The tourist who visits the place is intrigued by the poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon”.

This is otherwise known as the home of brown bear.

  • Bernina railways.

This is the main transport among St. Moritz and Tirano.

And lots and lots lakes and mountains.

Things to buy: – Switzerland is not only famous for its chocolates but also a lot of other souvenirs such as,

Cheese: – Now we can understand where “say cheese” phrase come to the existence. Apart from chocolates cheese is the main dish which is famous among the local people.

Banking: – If you don’t have an account in the Swiss bank, then you can’t say you are a rich person. Banking is like malls around this place. There is a whole city dedicated to banking and there have been rumors that the Nazi gold is dumbed underground.

Swiss army knives: – The look-alike replicas are available all around the world. But the original one used by the Swiss army is much lighter when compared to the souvenirs. Every home owns at least one of this look alike.

Swiss watches: – The most famous brands in watches come from the Swiss. Though they cton loadsds of money they are still in moving. Some of the famous brands include Swatch

Best time to visit: – The best time to visit Switzerland usually depends on what kind of plan one has. They have skiing resorts all over the place. With all those mountains around the country, hiking is also a famous activity to engage. Best time to go to Switzerland will fall between June to September. This is so far the peak season of the place and almost all the hotels and motels will be filled with the tourists.

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