Having to organize a holiday trip can be such a daunting task, especially when travelling to a new location for the first time. You may face with some of the following issues;

  • What itineraries to use for your supposed trip
  • How to move around, and your expected length of stay
  • Expenses that could accrue.

All these worries should not have to be if you know your way around and can come up with the right approach. Organizing your holidays is supposed to be one of the most exciting things which should even accentuate the thrill of your anticipation towards your trip. It does not necessarily need to be a source of concern.

This piece consequently is tailored towards people who need help in organizing their holidays in the south of France. It will cover tips like what time of year is best to visit, where you should stay, places to visit, and how you can get around town. So follow along now!

When to visit

The South of France is typically cool to visit at any time of the year. Nonetheless, the weather is a significant factor to have in mind so as to get the type of holiday experience you want. If you are looking for a nice tan on the beaches, the best time to go will be anywhere from May until the end of September.

Spring is also a cool time to visit the South of France bu,t then you might have to contend with unpredictable rainfall between March and April.

The peak seasons are generally at the heart of summer and usually packed with visitors from all over trying to catch the summer fun as well as an impressive line up of events and festivals.

Where you should stay

You have a variety of options to pick from when it comes down to where you should stay in the South of France. There is the option of staying in a conventional hotel, a rental home; you can even opt to stay at a campsite or lighthouse motels. All of these depend on the kind of settings and utility services you may desire, such as proximity to commercial areas, city centres, serene and exotic environment, etc. You might want to consider your pocket too and go for something that fits your budget.

Generally, it is advisable to opt for conventional hotels or rental homes if you are in major cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, or Strasbourg because of proximity to landmark attractions.

Places to visit

There is never a short supply of where to visit when you are in the South of France. Outlined below are places and cities as well as their main attractions.

  • Dordogne: Popular for large markets, truffles, and great wines
  • French Riviera: Popular for its rich assortments of festivals, yachting regattas, great exotic beaches, Cannes, etc.
  • Midi-Pyrénées: Popular for Skiing.
  • Bordeaux: Wine connoisseurs and tasting sessions, grapevines, etc

How to get around

Getting around the South of France is relatively easy. There is always a host of options at your disposal.

Chauffeur Service

You can hire a chauffeur service to take you around town and enjoy the sightings. Tourists who like to explore exotic small cities always go this route. For instance, you can hire a private chauffeur in Saint-Tropez so you could really explore the main attractions with ease and not having to stop and ask for directions every now and then. Chauffeur services also double as tour guides. This advantage automatically makes for a seamless travel experience.

Public Transportation

Getting around via public transportation is one of the popular alternatives to make travelling easy. There is an excellent rail service that plies all through major towns and cities in the South of France.

Biking or Walking on Foot

This is an exhilarating and common route opted by a lot of tourists when in the South of France. France has a very communal setting which makes walking and biking very easy. It is easier to take in the sights when on foot or riding on the bicycle, stop and take pictures or relax in open spaces. It makes touring a lot more fun and memorable.

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