Residential accommodation is the first criteria for any individual looking to put up base in a different city. The preferred mode that has been through all these years and a more conventional one would have been hotels. But a longer stay would not work out particularly well regarding a hotel accommodation. The very general nature of people when they are away from home remains with finding an accommodation that is at best closest in resemblance to their home. The accommodation should be offering amenities that are less related to conventional hotels and are more inclined to personal preferences. People in a city, range from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and cultures with different occupational and other needs. Office goers, students, business people, tourists and medical refuge seekers all happen to be in a city at any given point of time. The preferred mode of accommodation for all the people stated is mostly serviced apartments.

The Apartments:

The apartments mostly earn their repute because of their locations. The serviced apartments are located across a city. The ones that fulfil the criteria’s are mostly taken up by the individual that is looking for that particular location based accommodation. For instance, a student, an office goer or a business man would prefer a serviced apartment that is located in the central business district location in the heart of the city. That is close in proximity to institutes and organisations. An apartment in a desolate peaceful location would be sought after by tourists that are looking for a quiet retreat. Similarly, a close proximity to hospitals would be favourable to medical refuge seekers.

London as a city is one of the busiest and one of the most sought-after locations in the world. People throng to this city from all over the world. Amongst all the locations in London, there have been quite a few locations that are turning out to be a favourite haunt for people as serviced apartments in Kensington.

Kensington is situated in the West End of London. The place is an affluent place and is adorned with bars restaurants, boutiques, museums and also home to a celebrated departmental store. The attractions in this location are landmarks that are quite well-known throughout the world. The serviced apartments offer all modern amenities that usually get associated with such accommodations. The facilities like pre-booked breakfasts, concierge and room services, dry cleaning services, luggage storage spaces, CCTV monitoring, wooden flooring, customer loyalty rewards are available in such apartments. A host of modern equipment in the form of a fridge, microwaves, and entertainment devices like television and DVD players also is available for the apartment dweller.