Australia is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in entire world. People visit this beautiful land for its magnificent structures, high class lifestyle and better education and job opportunities. Today, out of all the countries that allow online tourist visa application Australia is probably the best. You have to just register yourself under the Australian Skill list. This list contains the detailed information about every job category that is available with the Australian Government. You need to look for the job category that matches your skill level. You can get all the help regarding any qualification queries through counseling.

Qualification Process

Once you ensure that you qualify for the visa application process, the next thing to do is to fill the Point Assessment Category form. In this form you will provide the best reasons for why you are applying for the visa. Be sure to writ only the exact and precise answers as this form will be further evaluated and points will be awarded to you based on it. This form ensures that you meet the minimum criteria for immigration like your work experience, your age, your job type and your language skills. In case you are enrolled in a program which is fully funded by the Australian Government, you will get extra bonus points.

Assessment process

Once you get an optimistic result from your point assessment category, you have to appear for the skill assessment test. This will be a very basic test to check your post-secondary education status and your former work experience. These tests are held for each job in every job category and evaluated by various assessing bodies. Once you get through the Skill Assessment Test, you will be required to submit your EOI or Expression of Interest. It will help in evaluating your skills.

Preparing the EOI

Just read all the details in order to avoid any confusion before you proceed to file your visa application. Your EOI is essential for you to get registered under the Australian Skill Migration agenda. Once registered, you will get frequent invitation for visa from the Australian government. The approval of EOI will take a long time to get approved which can be anywhere between 4 to 18 months. You will be constantly assisted by the visa counselors during the EOI approval process. It is good to know the method of application.

Various Visa types

Everyone does not have the same visa needs and as such Australian Visa falls under 3 different categories. They are- Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa. Whether you qualify for a certain type of visa will depend on the points you have scored in the previous assessment tests. Not everybody can apply for any visa type. Each visa comes with its own set of facilities. So, it is essential that you score well in your Assessment tests. If you need you can also take preparatory classes and appear for the test in time. Australia is full of opportunities and you will get to know this once your tourist visa Australia from India gets approved.

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