When it comes to hiring a private car service in the UK, there are plenty of options on the table. As we all know, some are less reputable than others. When selecting a service, make sure you consider these points prior to booking.

Fee Structure

One of the biggest complaints from disgruntled customers when it comes to private car hire is transparency with their fee structure. Before hiring a private chauffeur, make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. First-class taxi services in Maidstone offer a comprehensive breakdown of all their rates to ensure their clients understand their fees and what they are paying for.


If you are paying for a private service, you’ll want to be sure you are going to be transported to your destination in a top of the range vehicle. When choosing a company, ask what their fleet of vehicles consists of, they should have a variety of categories which include:

  • Standard Vehicles
  • Business Class Vehicles
  • Luxury Cars
  • SUV
  • Minibus

One of the main reasons you are booking a chauffeur driven vehicle is that you want to travel stress-free in outstanding comfort.


Your driver should know the city inside out, they should be able to provide recommendations on travel times and delays. If you don’t travel regularly, their knowledge of the road will be invaluable.

A chauffeur driven car isn’t just a quick ride to your destination, you’re paying for a quality service that should meet high standards.