Believe it or not, but the working condition of your car has a considerable impact on the success and failure of your road trip. A lot of people fail to get that much-needed funfilled experience due to the frequent mechanical breakdowns that they experience with their vehicle. If you are planning to discover the outback destinations in Australia, it’s even more significant for your campervan to be in good working order. Not every vehicle can give excellent performance in rugged terrains.

A smooth drive is essential for making you feel relaxed and happy. But the moment you experience any issue with your vehicle, you start panicking. And if your vehicle breakdowns in such a place where you can’t find any technicians, the levels of fear and frustration go even higher. In case you have that basic knowledge, you will still manage to deal with your situation. But if you no nothing about it, then you can’t handle the condition without the assistance of a well-trained mechanic.

So whenever you plan a road trip, you need to have a well-maintained vehicle. In case you are planning to hire a campervan then it’s okay because you can book the one which has the up-to-date maintenance history. All you have to do is enquire effectively about the vehicle that you are planning to hire. And if you manage to find a reliable campervan rental provider, half of your problem gets solved automatically. The reason is, a good company always offers quality vehicles to its customers.

However, if you have your campervan, make sure that you carry out a quick safety inspection to ensure you do not face any problem.

Here is What You Should Check


One of the most imperative parts of your vehicle, tyres should always remain in good working order to increase your safety. So, even if you have serviced it recently, make sure that you inspect your tyres while performing the safety check. Examine them for wear and tear, and in case they need any repair work, find a reliable mechanic for it. Don’t leave your car in the hands of an amateur technician; you might not get good results.

Ask the technician to examine your tyres thoroughly, and allow them to fix even the smallest problems. Also, make sure that you check tyre pressure as well.

Your tyres should always have the recommended pressure. You should never drive your vehicle if it lacks that.


The efficiency of your vehicle depends a lot on the performance of your engine. Any problem with it will lead to inefficiency and breakdowns, so make sure that you carry out a quick inspection for it as well. In case you have no idea about how a vehicle’s engine functions, then you should get it checked from an experienced mechanic. However, if you are aware of the basics, you can inspect it yourself.

Fuel Filter

The primary role of a fuel filter is to prevent dirt from penetrating the engine. And if it fails to work the way it should, it can affect your engine gradually. So if it has become too old, and has stopped fulfilling its purpose, you should replace it without a second thought.


Most people, who opt for road trips, prefer driving either early in the mornings or after sunset. And to drive safely during those times, it’s essential that your lights function appropriately. Whether you talk about headlights, tail lights, fog lights, brake lights, or signal lights, each one of them must perform in the right way.

Poorly performing lights can lead to horrific road accidents. Therefore, it’s better to fix every single issue linked to fog lights, headlights, brake lights, and tail lights, etc., before you start your journey.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is one of the most imperative parts of a vehicle; it helps you keep your campervan in the right direction. In case it fails to operate the right way, you will face massive troubles. It won’t only prevent you from enjoying the drive, but it will also increase your stress level. You will be bothered about your safety all the time. And especially if you are travelling with your kids, you will hate every bit of your drive because their safety remains your primary concern. So fix the steering wheel problems before you hit the road.

Windscreen Wipers

Whether you are planning to travel on a rainy day or a day with good weather, your windscreen wipers must function effectively. You won’t be able to see the road ahead if your windscreen is fogging up. You need to clean it regularly to drive safely. So if your windscreen wipers have become too outdated, it’s better to replace them with new ones.

Seat Belts

All the seat belts in your vehicle have to be in the right working order. One of the most significant safety features of a car, seat belts keep you intact in your seat during a crash, which eventually saves you from receiving harsh injuries. So if they are unable to provide the right support to you anymore, make sure that you replace them with new ones.

Apart from that, you should also replace the coolant, and examine the air conditioning system of your vehicle.

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