The spectacular ocean sunsets, abundant wildlife and shell strewn Captiva and Sanibel beaches are appealing to worldwide tourists. It is a convenient location to spend a romantic or family vacation. You will discover that you are many years away from big city’s hustle and bustle.

Fortunately, the Southwest Florida International Airport is the closest to these Fort Myers beaches. Therefore, reaching the airport is easy and from here you have public transportation [bus] or if you wish a private ride then rent a car or taxi. It is a 45 minutes ride to Sanibel Island and around an hour to Captiva beach.

How to get around Captiva Island? 

The sandy streets of Captiva Island are lined up with remarkable beach resorts and cottages. Many homes here are best vacation dream houses. You can check Captiva Island rentals for vacation deals.

Explore Tropical Island on golf cart:

Golf cart is the popular land transportation choice of families that visit Captiva Island. The island is formed with network of sandy lanes, therefore zipping around driving a club cart is exciting. Usually, the vacation home you rented offers these carts to their guests to move around the land. It holds 5 passengers and it is a fun experience. Valid age to drive golf cart around Captiva is 16 years.

Rent a two-wheeler:

Two wheelers like bicycles are also a fun way of getting around. It does not matter, whether the weather is warm or drizzly. You can enjoy exploring the area at a leisure pace and making stops to watch birds, wildlife or take photographs. Nevertheless, if pedaling is an issue then you can rent a scooter and journey around the Captiva streets.

On foot:

Getting around Captiva and its surrounding areas is very simple. Majority of places can be reached on foot. Kids can enjoy the walk back from the beach with stick trailing behind or running towards the house shouting who reaches first.

Book boating trips: 

Travelling down waterways to encounter with the dolphins playing or looking at the vibrant bird species or fishing the redfish or experiencing the sunset from a boat is pleasurable.

Captiva is a tiny island and the layout is very simple. You can never get lost, when you go around on foot, bike or golf cart.

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