If you are applying for a visa for the UK, filling out all the correct forms and supplying the right documents can be a nightmare. If you’ve no experience with immigration and its many processes, you could easily get something wrong and have your visa application refused. Getting a long stay visa is often a difficult, drawn-out process, the easiest way to speed things up and guarantee success is to contact a professional. Skilled lawyers who offer immigration advice in Leeds also provide a wide variety of other services, including:

  • Marriage applications
  • Work permit applications
  • Services for UK businesses
  • Switching categories
  • Detention advice, asylum applications and deportations

If you need any kind of information or recommendations on visa application and how to deal with UK immigration, it is sensible to hire an experienced lawyer to give you assistance.

Why Should You Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Law is Complex: One of the main reasons to hire an immigration lawyer is to help navigate your way through the minefield that is immigration law. If you haven’t studied the subject in detail, you won’t know where to start when filling out an application or what documentation to include.

Constant Changes: Immigration law has major updates 2 or 3 times a year, so if you don’t work in the industry, you won’t be aware of these changes.

Right Choice: Selecting the right visa for you saves you both time and money. If you make the wrong application, you’ll be refused entry to the UK.

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