How to Get a Green Card or Ability to Work in the United States

United States EB-1 Visa is one type of green card accessible to foreign nationals who establish abilities that are extraordinary in their field, whether the field is in the area of sciences, the arts, business, or athletics. EB-1 visa is for outstanding professionals such as researchers, professors, or people with astonishing aptitudes and skills. Also, immediate relatives and family members may apply for immigration visas, as the US gives visas to others who are suitable to work and live in this country. Information is available on US EB-1 Visa.

EB 2 Visa:

This 2nd type of visa is an employment-based green category that makes it possible for the foreigners who have extraordinary talent or have an advanced degree to work in United States and is a second preference of visa of the EB category. US EB-2 Visa stands for employment base immigration of the 2nd preference. This visa is usually set aside for individualswith graduate-level degrees, or those displaying exceptional talents in their field. To be more precise, US EB-2 visa are given to those people who fall under one of the below definitions:

  • Individuals who have completed a higher education program equivalent to a US graduate degree;
  • Workers who has a degree with expertise above the ordinarily encountered in any of the arts, sciences or business.

Unlike EB-1:

Unlike the similar EB-1 procedure, however, this EB-2 visa usually does not allow an individual to self-sponsor for a green card. Instead EB-2 applicant needs to have some support from a US business that sponsors the visa on their behalf.

Sponsoring business:

Further, the sponsoring business must also file with the US Department of Labour for a Permanent Labour Certification.


It is advisable that any one applying for either an EB-1 or EB-2 have an attorney who specializes in these types of immigration processes.