Whether you are a beginner or a professional, when it comes to carp fishing, a rod that has a length lying in the range of twelve to thirteen feet, with medium action, is ideal. The market is filled with several carp fishing rod manufacturers which is why one may find it a bit confusing while choosing the perfect carp fishing rod.

There are a plethora of rod specifications that can suit the style and expertise of an angler. This is the reason why in order to select the right one for you from a huge range of carp fishing rods, you would need to be familiar with a few specifications.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few things you need to consider when you want to find the perfect rod for your carp fishing trip:

The length of the rod matters a lot

For standard fishing trips, a fishing rod of ten to twelve feet in length will suffice but when we are going after carp, then it is best that you go for a thirteen feet specialised carp fishing rod. The length of the fishing rod matters a lot since carp fishing means you would need to have room in your fishing rod in order to attach all kinds of accessories.

Always remember the fact that the greater the length of the rod, the more ground you can cover every time you cast the line.

Keep an eye on the test curve of the rod

When you are searching for a carp fishing rod, it is best to go for those that come with a test curve of more than 3 lbs. These specialised rods come with a refined design that allows the angler to cast their line to an extent of 120 yards or more!

Don’t forget to purchase special reels dedicated to carp fishing

Carp fishing is different from normal fishing. You would need to change your reels as well. There are plenty of specialised reels out there designed specifically for carp fishing.

Opting for specialised carp fishing reels will allow you to easily balance your rod. On top of that, specialised carp fishing reels will come with an added length of the line. The line is often reinforced thus allowing you to be confident enough to go after the big catch.

When you are fishing for carp, it is best to keep in mind that having a rod that would enable you to explore the bottom of the water body is essential. Be sure to go for rods that have marker feature in them. These rods will be stiff and comes equipped with braided mainline along with a marker float. When the line is cast, the marker will allow you to figure out the feeding spots in the water easily.

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