A suite is a larger form of accommodation than a hotel room. A stay suite comes with an attached bathroom, a living area and sometimes a dining area as well. It basically refers to connected rooms under one large room with well-furnished living facilities. Not only that, these kinds of housing options focus on quality, value and space rather than just providing a room to live in. Talking more about them, here is a list of everything that describes best about stay suites.

Over-the-top Amenities                                                                    

An extended stay hotel is all about offering the customers with the most expedited experience. Each room is individually designed and furnished with all you can ask for. So, in a stay suite you can have a joint living room, bedroom, bathroom and even a dining room as per your choice. Many even offer private water swimming pools and fresh water Jacuzzi. You can get free parking for your vehicle without worrying for its safety.

There is no need to worry for clean clothes as laundry and dry cleaning services are provided. You can always choose between ordering food or cooking it yourself with an availability of personal kitchen including microwave and refrigerator to count the least!

Among other options, various beauty therapies and massage services are also provided in stay suites for your absolute relaxation. You can also hire a personal hair and make-up artist.

Customized services

Maintaining the management of 24-hour staff availability, it also offers personalized services as per the client’s requirements.

For instance, if you are on a business trip, you can arrange conveniences like business centre, fax and copy services, best speed internet and more accordingly. Similarly, if you are staying with your family, you can get the best comfort according to each of your family member’s requirements.

From in-house restaurants to children’s play areas and even services for pets! A stay suite is meant to fulfill your extended stay requirements accordingly.

State of the art ambience

A stay suite like Hickory Extended Stay Suites – A BUDGET Hickory, NC Extended Stay Hotel can make your trip the most comfortable. What makes it different from other forms of accommodations is that it offers tailored services to its customers and focuses on their prolonged stay’s absolute requirements. It covers the best technology assets as well as soothing lighting so that you and your family & friends can enjoy the best entertainment in the most comfortable space.

Furthermore, it offers sufficient space for large families and friends to enjoy comfortable housing without any limitations and privacy of their own.

At last, the housing comes with full proof security leaving no room for any kinds of thefts and with utmost safety for your loved ones.

Families or individuals who are on a tour for more than a holiday week can book a stay suite rather than a hotel to feel like yourself in the most harmonious ambience. Staying far from home for months can make anyone home-sick for which stay suites offer maximum comfort and ideal living options for a longer period of time.

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