How to Get a Green Card or Ability to Work in the United States

How to Get a Green Card or Ability to Work in the United States

United States EB-1 Visa is one type of green card accessible to foreign nationals who establish abilities that are extraordinary in their field, whether the field is in the area of sciences, the arts, business, or athletics. EB-1 visa is for outstanding professionals such as researchers, professors, or people with astonishing aptitudes and skills. Also, immediate relatives and family members may apply for immigration visas, as the US gives visas to others who are suitable to work and live in this country. Information is available on US EB-1 Visa.

EB 2 Visa:

This 2nd type of visa is an employment-based green category that makes it possible for the foreigners who have extraordinary talent or have an advanced degree to work in United States and is a second preference of visa of the EB category. US EB-2 Visa stands for employment base immigration of the 2nd preference. This visa is usually set aside for individualswith graduate-level degrees, or those displaying exceptional talents in their field. To be more precise, US EB-2 visa are given to those people who fall under one of the below definitions:

  • Individuals who have completed a higher education program equivalent to a US graduate degree;
  • Workers who has a degree with expertise above the ordinarily encountered in any of the arts, sciences or business.

Unlike EB-1:

Unlike the similar EB-1 procedure, however, this EB-2 visa usually does not allow an individual to self-sponsor for a green card. Instead EB-2 applicant needs to have some support from a US business that sponsors the visa on their behalf.

Sponsoring business:

Further, the sponsoring business must also file with the US Department of Labour for a Permanent Labour Certification.


It is advisable that any one applying for either an EB-1 or EB-2 have an attorney who specializes in these types of immigration processes.

Why Hire a Car When You Can Be Driven?

If you are visiting a city and you are not sure where things are located, even a GPS can be difficult to use. What you need when you land at the airport is a reliable means of transport and a driver who is well familiar with the city and the surrounding locale.

Why Airport Transfer Is Better

That is why it is highly recommended to use the best airport transfer services in Plymouth. Doing so will make your trip more enjoyable. In fact, you will reap many benefits when you choose this mode of transport, including the following:

  • The ability to relax or read when you are travelling to your destination
  • The ability to get where you want to go without stress or worry
  • A convenient pick-up time – you merely need to go to the taxi and the driver will take care of the rest
  • Comfortable vans or cars to make the ride more enjoyable

Make It Easy to Get to Where You Are Going

As you can see, you do not have to deal with the frustration and wait time of hiring an auto on your own. You merely need to book an appointment with an airport transfer service. When you make things easier and more organised, you start to make smart choices. Begin today by booking travel within your next travel destination with an airport transfer provider.

To get in touch with an airport transport service company, book travel online or call the business to get further details and set a date for pick-up.

5 Best Ways To Tour Around Perth

Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia, home to nearly two million residents and a variety of tourist hotspots. In fact, Perth attracts over 2.8 million domestic tourists and 700 thousand international tourists each year, and that’s largely thanks to its laid-back way of life, beautiful sprawling beaches and exciting city centre. There are hundreds of hotels to choose from, whether you’re a backpacker or businessman, and the huge metropolis has something to offer everybody, whether you’re looking for a crazy night out or a bite to eat in a luxurious restaurant. However, there are many hotspots that you simply can’t miss.

When holidaying in Perth, you ought to pay a visit to the picturesque Swan Valley, home to one of Australia’s most prestigious wineries. If you’re interested in wildlife, you won’t be let down by Perth Zoo which has been in existence since 1898. If you fancy your chances of winning big, you might want to head to the Crown Casino where you’ll find poker tables, slot machines and blackjack. Those who simply want to relax on a beach should definitely head to Turquoise Bay.

As you can see from the paragraph above, there are a countless number of things to do during your stay in Perth. The question is, how do you get to see them all in a relatively short space of time? From limousine hire in Perth to utilising public transport, this article will take a look at the five best ways to travel around the city.

Getting to Know Perth

Perth is a huge a city, and you’d need a lifetime to see everything it has to offer. However, you can fit many activities into a week or two if you know how to travel around, which is why we’ve listed the best ways to tour Perth below.

  • Use public transport – Thanks to the fact that Perth is a huge metropolis, it’s actually quite easy to get around using public transport. However, the public transport system can be confusing for new visitors, so you ought to do some research before you arrive.
  • Hire a limo – Holidays are supposed to be exciting, so why not take advantage of luxurious limo hire with Wicked Limos? There’s no better way to experience a new city in style than by touring around in a limousine.
  • Rent a car – Renting a car is perhaps the most convenient way to get around, but make sure you have GPS at the ready.
  • Go on a tour – There are many great tour providers operating in Perth who can show you the most famous hotspots.
  • Use taxis – If all else fails, you can use taxis to navigate the city, but be aware this could be an expensive option.

Make the Most of Your Stay

Holidays provide us with a chance to splash out and enjoy life to the max, which is why things like limo hire are growing in popularity. As long as you plan your holiday in advance and make the most of your time, you’ll definitely love your stay in Perth.

Top 5 Places Once Can’t Afford To Miss For Luxury Tour In Thailand

Once just was a harbor for resolute backpackers, now Thailand has earned a statute of the most visited tourist destination in the world. The best thing is that different parts of the country cater to a different section of people. The trip starts with wide-eyed adventures to the multitudes of package travellers on a sluggish outing.

So, the picture is clear that in a bid to get the experience that remains forever in the memories, one has to know whether they need to go. People going for the first time, this post will be of great help as it deals with the top 5 destinations that no cannot afford to miss during the luxury tour to Thailand.

Bangkok – Indulge in the Vibrant Nightlife

Bangkok, the cosmopolitan city as well as the capital of Thailand is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Thailand. The place offers plenty of cultures that will keep the tourists entertained throughout the day. Apart from stunning beaches, the country has got a lot of attraction ranging from the Damnoen Saduak (the only floating market in the country), Wat Prakeaw, The Grand Palace and lot more.

Phuket – Explore Thailand’s Biggest Island

Undoubtedly, the most popular one of the beach resorts in Thailand, Phuket is considered as a paradise for millions of travellers looking forward to enjoy quality time with the loved ones. This scenic island is almost 50kms long and 20kms wide and is connected to the mainland with a road bridge. People can indulge in wide range of activities ranging from scuba diving, beach activities like paragliding windsurfing, golfing, fishing and lot more.

Chiang Mai – Old Capital of Thailand located in the Northern Hills

Highly popular for its jungles, mountains and serene environment from the hustle-bustle of the city life, Chiang Mai could be one of the fine gateways for the people willing to spend some peaceful time in the lap of the Mother Nature. The city is a home to end a number of temples as well as wats and what attracts the travellers to this city is some amazing tattoo making studios. Some even rank in the top 10 studios all over the world.

Pattaya – The Nearest Beach Resort of Bangkok

People having great fascination for night parties should not miss out the opportunity to explore the nightlife capital of Thailand – Pattaya. The city has got two major beaches but what draws the attention of the people is its thrilling nightlife.

Krabi – The Adventurous Spot to Wrap the Trip

Krabi is a beach town that has got some remarkable seaside cliffs in Thailand. One of the biggest attractions of the city is Phi Phi Island that hosts a number of snorkelers, boaters, scuba divers as well as kayakers. Another best thing about this city is that it has got large coral areas as well as great water visibility and overall it turns out to be one of the soothing destinations to explore while being on luxury tour in Thailand.

Hopefully, the locations discussed in the post will make the stay of the tourists’ highly memorable one and they will have a good time. Apart from these, many other sites are also there that offer absolute value for the money spent.

Alcohol Myths Every New Orleans French Quarter Tourist Should Know

Tourists often have the wrong ideas about what is and is not allowed in the French Quarter. Acting on these myths may result in a tour of the local jail, or of the hospital facilities. Instead of believing the rumors, read on to discover the truth.

The Legal Drinking Age Is 18

This one is completely false. You must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol, so don’t plan a high school road trip with a drinking binge in mind. Many bars and clubs won’t even admit people if they are under 21 years of age. Due to the sheer number of bars and clubs in the area, some underage people do slip by unnoticed, but you have a better chance of being carded and turned away.

Getting Drunk In Public Is Legal

You can go to jail for public intoxication during your visit to the French Quarter. This misunderstanding arises from a unique rule regarding drinking in public. As long as the container you’re carrying is not made of glass, it’s legal to walk around with a drink in public. This is not the same thing as being allowed to get drunk. Also, this applies only in the French Quarter, not the rest of New Orleans.

Unless you’re unruly or visibly unstable on your feet, your chance of getting arrested for walking around while drunk is slimmer than in Anytown, USA, but it can and does happen. Even if you don’t get caught, as in any large city, staggering around in an impaired state makes you a prime target for criminals. Don’t take the chance.

Novelty Drinks Won’t Effect You

Many tourists find out the hard way that this isn’t true. Don’t be fooled by a sweet taste that masks the alcohol, by the bright Technicolor hue, or by the silly looking plastic cup in which the drinks are often served. Know you limitations and stick to them, regardless of the drinks’ funny name or presentation.

In other places in the country, test tube shots offered in bars and clubs are reputed to be watered down. This is rarely the case in New Orleans, where bars compete fiercely for customers. Other harmless looking drinks that pack a punch are: slushie style daiquiris, Tropical Isle’s Hand Grenades, and of course, the Hurricane. If you aren’t sure how much alcohol is in a drink, don’t be afraid to ask the bartender. It’s better than becoming ill in public.

Police Turn A Blind Eye On Drunk Driving

Drinking and driving is not legal EVER, and if you plan to do this, please don’t come to my neighborhood. If you get stopped for driving while intoxicated, you will go to jail. It is already an extremely dangerous thing to do under any circumstance. Add to this the heavy vehicle and foot traffic, plus narrow one-way streets and you increase your chances of causing property damage, injuring yourself or others, or even killing someone. If you’ve had too much, get into a taxi cab.

7 Best Reasons To Plan Your Next Trip

Thanks to the progress made in transport everywhere in the world, travels are fully democratized. The trips are cheaper, faster and easier. Previously reserved for adventurers and explorers the more adventurous, a large number of individuals can now have access to this hobby and not to be not deprived. The following are the reasons for which I encourage you to travel.

1.  Develops your Personal Abilities

The trip is an excellent exercise of personal development. If you are traveling from point A to point B, you set a goal; you implement ways and means to achieve this objective, find solutions and push the barriers. Your spirit takes aware that you are able to carry out projects and to overcome the barriers.

2. Relaxations

When working a lot, the trip allows making a break. It can save some strenuous of burnout. Try to disconnect completely from your phones professionals and mail boxes. Your level of stress should thus decline significantly.

3. Allows you to Meet the People

In the course of a voyage, social interactions are numerous. The language barrier is never an impassable obstacle, it always happens to be understood for the simple things in life. Also, we encounter many people, members of the local population or other travelers around the world. There is a sharing of stories, visions of the world, useful information. New friendships can be born, enriching and interesting.

4. Strengthens your Relationship with your Loved ones

That this either with the members of the family or friends, or even of colleagues, the trip allows you to create a stronger link.

5. Promotes your Openness of Mind

It leaves our daily train routine and opens the eyes on the rest of the world. There is awareness that men and women have very different lifestyles with customs and usages individuals. It meeting of human beings who have a vision of the life that we had not imagined. This meeting with singular cultures gives us back on our way to live. We become more open and more tolerant. Travel with the Palace on Wheels train and make your journey more precious.

6. Fills your Food Curiosity

For the hungry, the trip is also culinary. Discover spices, herbs and other singularities that your taste buds had never suspected.

7. You Resource in Natural Spaces

In the face of the pollution and the gloom of our modes of urban life, a getaway in a natural space may be best resource. It is an excellent opportunity to practice a physical activity such as hiking, biking or sailing. It is also a good opportunity to reflect on itself.

And you, what is it that motivates you to plan your next vacations?

Trusted Online Tours & Travel Service Provider

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Travel Destinations

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Top Activities to Do

Birdmi Tours never miss out the latest activities going on in a tourist place. We update the same such that you can go in this season. You can book with tourist activities such that you need not go there and take tickets. You can buy a tour package with full activities. It is profitable for the tourist to book online as you cannot get those discounts with other tour operators.

Customer Service

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Tour Package and Discounts

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Qualification And Assessment Processes For Australian Tourist Visa

Australia is undoubtedly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in entire world. People visit this beautiful land for its magnificent structures, high class lifestyle and better education and job opportunities. Today, out of all the countries that allow online tourist visa application Australia is probably the best. You have to just register yourself under the Australian Skill list. This list contains the detailed information about every job category that is available with the Australian Government.  You need to look for the job category that matches your skill level. You can get all the help regarding any qualification queries through counseling.

Qualification Process

Once you ensure that you qualify for the visa application process, the next thing to do is to fill the Point Assessment Category form. In this form you will provide the best reasons for why you are applying for the visa. Be sure to writ only the exact and precise answers as this form will be further evaluated and points will be awarded to you based on it. This form ensures that you meet the minimum criteria for immigration like your work experience, your age, your job type and your language skills. In case you are enrolled in a program which is fully funded by the Australian Government, you will get extra bonus points.

Assessment process

Once you get an optimistic result from your point assessment category, you have to appear for the skill assessment test. This will be a very basic test to check your post-secondary education status and your former work experience. These tests are held for each job in every job category and evaluated by various assessing bodies. Once you get through the Skill Assessment Test, you will be required to submit your EOI or Expression of Interest. It will help in evaluating your skills.

Preparing the EOI

Just read all the details in order to avoid any confusion before you proceed to file your visa application. Your EOI is essential for you to get registered under the Australian Skill Migration agenda. Once registered, you will get frequent invitation for visa from the Australian government. The approval of EOI will take a long time to get approved which can be anywhere between 4 to 18 months. You will be constantly assisted by the visa counselors during the EOI approval process.  It is good to know the method of application.

Various Visa types

Everyone does not have the same visa needs and as such Australian Visa falls under 3 different categories. They are- Skilled Independent Visa, Skilled Nominated Visa and Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa. Whether you qualify for a certain type of visa will depend on the points you have scored in the previous assessment tests. Not everybody can apply for any visa type. Each visa comes with its own set of facilities. So, it is essential that you score well in your Assessment tests. If you need you can also take preparatory classes and appear for the test in time. Australia is full of opportunities and you will get to know this once your tourist visa Australia from India gets approved.

Exploring The Backcountry With Guided Tours, Recreational Tours, And Capturing The Scenic Beauty

Yellow National Park is backcountry destination, which allows you to view the most breathtaking landscape, waterfalls, and camp by the lakeside. Before you start your hiking adventure around this place, there are a few things to be taken care off. You must take clothes, utensils, cooking gas, camping and hiking gear, bear canisters, matches, and many other items that makes both camping and hiking a pleasurable experience. There are many Yellowstone tours packages with different itinerary and each one can give you a diverse experience. You must choose your tours in accordance to the area you desire to explore.

Popular Yellowstone Guided Trips

The northern wildlife and wildflower trip is in Montana, which can be enjoyed. You can trek through the green pastures, meadows, a long stretch of spring wildflowers, and also visit the Black Canyon in this trek. You can spend some time in the wilderness of the Creeks close to the Yellowstone Lake.

In this trek you can view the snow peaks, walk through the woodlands and forests, In the Lamar backcountry trip, you can catch and release the trout fish found in then Yellowstone River, view Bison, antelopes, deers, elks roaming in wilderness. Take a glance at the green pastures that are spread across this area.

Backcountry tours always give you a glimpse of the wildlife roaming independently. You don’t need jeep safaris to take a look at the wild life present in this area. You must always take care of the safety issues and ensure that you do not use gas stoves or light fire in certain restricted areas.

Guided Tours Make these Trips Pleasurable

  • After you pack all the items needed for hiking and trekking, you must listen to instructions
  • Usually you do not require permits for backcountry hiking trials
  • Should you need a permit, you must take them 48 hours prior to your journey
  • You must always plan your trip ahead so you will not panic at any point of time
  • The most ideal months to take the backcountry trials is in the month of June
  • You can view the snow peek mountains and also track without feeling the heat
  • Always carry maps, GPS, and compass along with you when you go on hiking
  • There are also many courses available for the backpackers who want to go on trials
  • You can also choose to go with the outfitters instead of hiking all by yourself
  • They provide you will all the safety gear and equipment for a charge

Different Treks in the Yellowstone Area

You get an opportunity to select the trek, when you go hiking around this area.  For Yellowstone backpacking trips You can choose a trek that has waterfalls, lakes, or oak and forests, mountain ranges, wildflowers and wildlife, or just a landscape view.


Never venture out alone when taking hiking trips. It is safe to join a guided tour and follow all the safety measures while hiking and trekking around the Yellowstone National Park sites.

Featherweight And Lightweight Luggage

Most of us love travelling isn’t? Can one guess what one of the important factors of travelling is? It is luggage. Luggage according to the dictionary means “anything which we carry while we are travelling”.

Luggage can be carried in two different forms in the form of bags and suitcases. Earlier, suitcases were used to carry luggage which has evolved over the era from hard shell covered suitcases to four wheeler semi soft shelled suitcases commonly known as trolleys. Suitcases are also being replaced by bags but not the traditional luggage bags, but by two wheelertravel bags.

It is very evident that people are dependent on wheels for their luggage! People are experimenting with the styles, colors, shells, wheels, weights and prices of the cases.

However, luggage are carried it should be seen that they are lightweight luggage.

But, before one goes on a holiday one should know where to carry what.

Like, if one is flying, one should know the weight limits of the airline in which one is flying .It should be seen that one can handle the weight of the luggage when one is going to and far the airport, lifting into car, upstairs or checking in. It should also be seen that everything whatever you need should come in a single baggage and it should be under the weight limits of the airline so, it is a great task of actually finding the correct luggage case for oneself.

If, one is going for a holiday on a cruise, one should choose the type of baggage accordingly as the cruise management is going to stack the luggage in the boat’s belly.

If, one is going for a road trip then it should be checked that the luggage is perfect for storing it in the storage of compartment of the vehicle.

There are a number of baggage style is to check from like two wheeler suitcases (rollers), two wheeler suitcases (spinners), four wheeler suitcases (spinners), hard shell suitcases, soft shell suitcases.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of both of the baggage and one should check it before purchasing the type of luggage suiting the holiday.

While buying a suitcase, one should check that there is warranty for the baggage, the branded luggage companies do provide warranty and guarantee. One should choose the suitcase color in such a way that it is recognizable and spotted so that it does not go to someone else. White or light colored baggage should not be purchased as they become dirty and baggage should be waterproof especially if you are flying or cruising. Lightweight luggage should be purchased not only to see that the backs dint get injured but also to avoid baggage fees.

It should also be seen that the baggage have good handles. So that it is convenient to pull or push the luggage.

Luggage is the most important part of our travel so Luggage should be importantly chooses. And, not to be thought to be a merely suitcase.

So, happy travelling with your personalized luggage.