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Appealing Reasons To Visit St. Simons Island In Georgia

St. Simons Island is often labelled as one of the best islands in the whole of America and Canada.

It is located on the Southern Coast of Georgia and is known for its natural beauty, off-beat recreational activities, warm hospitality, affordable accommodations, awesome eateries, and whatnot!

If this was not convincing enough for you then be sure to read the following sections where a few more appealing reasons to visit St. Simons Island in Georgia are enunciated.

Let’s begin:

It is known for its intriguing history and places of historical interest

Flying to St Simons Island GA for the weekend has many upsides. For starters, it has loads of history lessons to offer to anyone who is hungry for some information about the lesser-known American past.

For instance – 

The Christ Church, located on Frederica Road was built by Reverend Anson Phelps Dodge, Jr. way back in the year 1884. He built it in the loving memory of his beloved wife, Ellen.

James Oglethorpe, back in 1736, established the renowned Fort Frederica here, on the island. The reason – Well he wanted to protect Georgia from the Spanish who were quite active at that period in the state of Florida

The battles of Bloody Marsh, as well as the Battle of Gully Hole Creek, were fought and won, near this fort.

A lighthouse was built back in 1810 by James Gould. It was destroyed by Confederate soldiers in 1862. The lighthouse, as well as the light keeper’s house that stands here today, was built back in 1872. Take a peek inside and you can quench your thirst for information since the place is packed with lots of informative displays!

You can partake in tons of activities

St. Simons Island is just next to the Atlantic Ocean. It has tons of marshlands that are packed with spartina grasses.

Okay – so what kind of activities can you enjoy here?

Well, you can go for:

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Sport-fishing as well as for
  • Boat tours!

The food here is made with locally sourced ingredients and fresh

There are more than sixty restaurants on St. Simons Island!

The menus offered in these eateries are wide, varying and the best part – they are reasonably priced!

The USP of the restaurants here in St. Simons Island is that all ingredients are locally sourced, and organically farmed. If you are a lover of seafood then you are in for a treat since these are all caught locally as well!

Sure, you have read tons of posts like this where someone is talking about a place that has amazing beaches, waves, and impressive food but bear this in mind that Georgia’s St. Simons Island has so much more to offer to its visitors! Apart from the reasons mentioned in the sections above, you should remember that this place has a rich American history that spans from the thirteen original colonies that started the USA to the Civil War and much more. If you want to know more about the great nation of the USA, you need to come here, ASAP and spend a week (or two)!

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Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

India is well known for its culture and rich heritage. It is also a landmark for many historical wonders and monuments. According to the UNESCO, there are almost 36 world Heritage sites in India. Tourists all across the globe will appreciate these UNESCO sites. Some of the few examples of these sites are Kaziranga National Park, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Khajuraho and many more. There are other sites as well which will be paid less attention.

Here is the list of top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India:

  1. Sun Temple:

Sun Temple was built by Narasimha Deva in the 13th Century. This temple is purely dedicated to the sun god. Because of its marvellous architecture, it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The structure of the temple resembles a huge chariot with wheels and horses.

The beautiful stone carvings and architecture skills in the temple will attract many visitors. Most of the parts in the temple were ruined but some parts of the temple like Dancing hall and Audience Hall attracts many visitors. On the walls of the temple, one can see the images of elephants, snakes, giraffes and mythological creatures.

  1. Hampi:

Hampi is located in Karnataka and is listed in the top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here we can see the architecture of the Vijayanagara kingdom. We can understand the well-planned civilization of Vijayanagara architecture here. Hampi is located on Tungabhadra and the interesting thing is the total Vijayanagara empire was guarded by seven lines of fortifications.

Chandrashekar temple, Ganesa temple, Narasimha, Hazara Ramachandra temple and Pattabhi Rama temple are some of the famous temples in Hampi. Lotus Mahal Complex, Krishna temple complex and Achyutaraya temple complex are some of the famous complexes in Hampi.

  1. Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is located in the banks of river Yamuna and is listed in the 7 wonders of the world. Almost 8 million tourists will visit the Agra. In between 1631 to 1648, Shah Jahan built this marvellous architecture for his beautiful wife Mumtaz. Almost 20,000 people worked for the construction of this beautiful monument.

Taj Mahal is unique for its convex and concave reflection work, Quranic inscription, semi-precious stones and architecture styles. The main attraction of these architectural wonders is the colours change according to the light from sunrise to sunset. Not only architectural style but a beautiful garden, the holy mosques and holy surroundings make this monument to be listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

Ajanta and Ellora caves are recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site for securing the valuable art of Olden times. The main attraction of the caves of Ajanta is painting because these paintings are made of natural colours are correct using minerals and cave plants. Ajanta is a group of 30 cave that dates back from the 2nd century BC.

Each cave is special for different art, paintings, murals, ceilings, and temples. Ajanta cave dedicated to the development of the Buddha so that you can experience a touch of Buddhism in caves. Ellora caves located in Aurangabad and there are 34 caves dedicated to Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

  1. Khajuraho Temples:

Khajuraho temples recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site since wonders. According to architecture to ancient times, there were 85 temples but there are 20 temples only dedicated to a different god. Among them, 6 temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and his people, three temples dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras, eight temples dedicated to Vishnu and his avatars. Finally, two temples dedicated to the Sun God and Lord Ganesha. famous temples of Khajuraho are Kandariya temple, Lakshmana temple, Vishwanath temple and Chitragupta temple.

If you are planning to visit India and then take the Palace on Wheels train which covers most famous destinations of Rajasthan.

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Checklist For Booking A Family Vacation In Pigeon Forge TN

If you are planning a family vacation to Tennessee’s Pigeon Forge then you should keep in mind that the typical vacation planning process you often adopt is not going to work here!

The reason is simple – Pigeon Forge has a lot to offer hence the vacation planning process will differ based on a lot of different factors.

They are as follows:

The booking process largely depends on the time of your vacation

Pigeon Forge is a popular family vacation destination. This means that it has an off as well as a peak season.

It is best that you book your vacation in the off-season. This is the only way you will be able to spare yourself and your loved ones from chaos and crowd. 

Pigeon Forge’s peak season starts from May – October. In this period, accommodation rates will be sky-high. Hence it will be best if you could plan your booking process during the off-season in order to get your hands on ticket discounts and related impressive deals!

It will also depend on the type of accommodation you are planning to book

The booking process will also depend on the type of accommodation you are planning to get for yourself and your loved ones. Pigeon Forge has accommodation on offer for everyone irrespective of their budget or preference.

You can easily get your hands on well-stocked cabins in Pigeon Forge TN if you are in the mood for some off-grid vacation. You can also choose to stay at a campground given you are arriving here in your RV.

Else, you can always crash at a hotel or motel here.

Your booking process will depend on the activities you have chosen

The booking process will also depend on the type of activities you have planned for yourself and for your loved ones.

You can go for any or all of the activities mentioned in the sections below:

  • You can head over to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It has more than a hundred and fifty hiking trails. Do your research and gather as much information about what you can about the day you are planning to take a hire here. Book your vacation only after this.
  • You can also go for zip lining, mountain biking or white water rafting.
  • Take a trip back in time! Pigeon Forge has a replica of the Titanic. It is a museum that is popular for its shows. If you are planning to visit this attraction, book your tickets online during your vacation booking process. In this way, you will be able to get good deals and save a lot of time.

There are tons of other activities you can do in Pigeon Forge. Take the necessary steps before you arrive here for the best results.

Planning a family vacation to Tennessee’s Pigeon Forge will be pretty easy if you follow the checklist mentioned in the above sections. Careful planning will not only help you to keep yourself and your loved ones from last-minute rush but will also allow you to save a lot of time and money in the process. That stated, if you have suggestions of your own, you can leave them in the comments section below!

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Top 5 Places to Enjoy Durga Puja in India

Durga puja is a festival, mainly it is celebrated in west Bengal and many other places in India. This festival is celebrated during the month of September and October. During this festival, people make a theme based ‘pandal’ and people perform rituals to the statue. Sometimes certain regions conduct competetions to find out the most beautiful ‘Pandal’ in the region.

In this article we will talk about the top places to enjoy Durga puja in India.

  1. Kolkata

 Kolkata celebrates Durga puja with great joy. This festival is celebrated because peoples believe that the goddess return to them like a married women. Durga puja is not a merely a religious festival. It is a grand celebration, an exultation of spirit. They make pandals on roadside and some make at their homes. Inside the pandal you can find the beautiful statue of Lord Durga.

Durga puja is one of the most popular festival of Kolkata and Kolkata is at the top place to celebrate this festival. If you are planning to visit Kolakata during the month of September and October so don’t skip to celebrate this festival.

  1. Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the best destination to visit during Durga Puja. There are several amazing Durga Pandals in Mumbai but Balkanji temple in Santacruz is a must visit destination. The celebration will be similar as a West Bengal and many bengalies and celebrities visit at top pandals  in the city. The main is that in Mumbai pandals are hosted by Mukherji family and in pandals both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is served.

  1. Varanasi

Varanasi is also at top list to celebrate Durga Puja. Varanasi is the oldest city in the world. There is no comparison of the event as the organize. The best pandals to visit in Varanasi are Hathua Market, Shri Durga puja Sewa samiti at Sanatan Dharma inter college and you can watch the live performance of Baba Machhodranath at Jitpura pandal of Ma Bageshwari Durga puja club.

In Varanasi, Durga puja stay till the 10 day to witness the celebration of Dusshera. If you are celebrate the Durga puja or you like to watch pandals, you can celebrate the Durga Puja at Varanasi also Varanasi is also a best place to celebrate this festival. Read more about the itinerary of Palace on Wheels train which showcase all the destinations.

  1. Benguluru

Benguluru is an important destination where Durga Puja is celebrated and Benguluru celebrate this festival similar as a Kolkata celebrate. The benguluru is also more excited to welcoming a Durga Maa as compare to Kolkata.

The best Pandal in Benguluru are ‘ The socio Cultural Association’ located in Indranagar, cubbon park film city, Banglore Palace. In this pandal thousands of tourists and locals visit.  The best part of this Pandal is beautiful Durga statues delicious food like Kobiraji cutlet, Luchi Mangsho and others dishes. Banguluru is the main destination to enjoy Durga puja.

  1. Assam

Assam committee organize the largest Durga Puja in this region. In Assam 100ft tall statue of Durga made by bamboo. This feature attracts the tourists to visit the Pandal and you can find music performances, dances and many more in this region. Before planning your trip, must check out the iconic Palace on Wheels route map which shows all the destinations.

Pandal welcome all the peoples of all religion to celebrate the Durga puja. There is no caste discrimination to enter in the pandal. If you are planning to visit Assam during the month of festival so don’t skip to celebrate this festival. Assam is one of the best destination to celebrate this festival.

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6 top destinations to visit with your kids

Everyone wants to travel with their complete family members and loved ones to their favourite places for vacation. It is a dream to spend the best time of your life with the ones you love the most. It has a lot of benefits such as travelling with your family and kids makes you closer to each other. You are a family, but you become a single unit by developing a greater bond. Having this feeling has no other comparison or precedent, and it helps a lot in the development of your children. However, there are quite a lot of challenges you have to face and issues to resolve when you are travelling with family, especially kids. For a near-perfect travelling experience, you need to consider the importance of these issues and challenges.

All these issues have to be attended beforehand you start your travelling in the planning phase. You should take care of your kid’s diet, their interests, likings, and other important things. One such aspect of travelling with kids includes a destination with caters all their likings and needs, as well as providing everything to them. For this reason, it is important to determine the top destination to visit with them before planning a trip. Your destination plays an important part in determining the number of challenges you will face. When travelling with children, it is important to decide a place that is best suited to all their needs. Read this article and find out about these places to visit with kids.

6 top destinations to visit with your kids

Travelling as a family is always special. You see places and monuments together and make the most of each moment. The best part is seeing your children happy with you, and this moment is totally priceless. If you don’t believe in travelling with family, or in travelling at all, you should consider a trip with all your loved ones. This will alter your thinking towards your family and loved ones. Following is a list of places that we want you to visit with your children, as they are beautiful as well as convenient for family trips. So read it all, and plan your trip accordingly.

But before starting with this blog post, we will recommend our readers to acquire the services of a renowned travel agency. They can help you plan your trip in these countries with amazingly low-cost flight tickets, suitable hotel accommodations, travel transfers, and car rentals. Click here to avail these services and more, and make your trip unforgettable with amazing memories to recall later.


Thailand is one of the best locations on Earth where everything is easily available for you and your kids. A trip to Thailand can be convenient in so many ways. This country excels in the tourism industry, which is why it has developed its destinations. There are a lot of heavenly beaches, resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, mountains, and other amazing opportunities in this country, which makes it perfect for you to plan your vacations. If your child gets sick, you can easily get him to a specialist physician in no time.

You can also find food items that can be easily consumed. In this way, your kids will stay healthy. Thailand has everything in its stores to satisfy visitor of any age or gender. This is why it is on top of our list. Reaching it is also quite easy now. The capital city of Bangkok has become one of the biggest transportation hubs in Far East Asia. You can easily fly to Bangkok in a luxury airliner or even a simple one. You can also find suitable accommodation, and all other travelling transfers as well.


Turkey is a great destination to visit with your family and children. It has almost everything that interests a person. With cultural cities like Istanbul, Ankara, to the amazing destinations beach destinations such as Bodrum, Turkey has all the marvels to amaze you. Kids love to fly in a hot air balloon, and Turkey has just the city where you can enjoy the best moments of flying in one. If your kids are into history, this country has some of the best-preserved ruins of ancient Roman/Byzantine Empires. There are also other amazing landmarks and noteworthy places such as Cappadocia, Anatolia, Pamukkale, and much more. Do consider visiting this Eurasian country with your kids this year.


Romania is truly a magical country in Europe. This place has all the potential to become your next destination for a family trip. The Transylvanian country has some of the best medieval towns, cities, landmarks such as churches, city centres, castles, palaces, and etc. From nature’s perspective, Romania is also quite beautiful. There are quite a few breathtakingly beautiful sights in Carpathian Mountain Range that you can visit with your kids. There are quite a few marvels in Romania which will capture the hearts and minds of everyone in your family.


Denmark is a Scandinavian country that has a lot of tourism potential. The capital city of Copenhagen is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. With so many things to do and places to visit, it should be on your list of places to visit with kids. Your kids will have the best time of their lives enjoying the best rides in Tivoli Gardens, which also happens to be the world’s second amusement park. There are a lot of other attractions as well such as the zoo, aquarium, shopping malls, and etc.


Located amongst Middle East Asia, and Central Asia, Iran is a very beautiful country with a diverse landscape. Due to Western sanctions, the economy is not good and the image of the whole country is also not shown correctly. This is the reason you won’t find Iran in any other list of a potential tourism destination. However, Iran is full of such opportunities. With serene beaches on its coasts, as well as boundless access to the Caspian Sea, this place is truly splendid for every traveller. You can travel with family and kids in Iran without any hassle, and it is quite safe too. There are also cultural cities such as Tehran, Qom, Bandar Abbas, along with historical cities and ruins such as Persepolis, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and much more. You can also visit the mountainous region of this country, and be amazed at nature’s marvels.


Nepal is one of the most assorted and attractive countries in the world. The beauty of this country has given it a nickname from all the foreign travellers, and people call it heaven on Earth. This country has the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, along with some other highest peaks of the Himalayas and the world. For this reason, Nepal is a tourist magnet for everyone especially mountain lovers. Most kids love to trek in the mountain passes and they have this likeness from a very young age. If your kids possess this feature, you need to visit Nepal soon. This country has other places to offer to such as wildlife parks, cultural cities, temples, markets, and much more. Plan a trip to Nepal and you will never forget every second spent.

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Popular Buddhist Temples in India

India, is widely known as the birthplace of Buddhism. Buddhism pilgrimage and temples are very famous and this religion is most popular among the truth because of its wonderful teachings which promote non-violence and truth.

We have made a list of the most famous Buddhist temples in India that you must visit.       

  1. Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple is situated at Bodh Gaya, Bihar. It is one of the oldest Buddhist  temple. This temple was built in the 3rd century by the great Emperor Ashoka and it is considered as one of the holiest pilgrimage spot for Buddhists in the world. When you will enter in this temple you can find many elements like Paintings and Sculptures of Hindu gods like Lakshmi, Sun God, and the eagle God and other. This temple is made of brick. This temple is around 55m tall and it is renovated several times in the 19th century. There are no entry fees to enter into this temple and the timings are 5am to 9pm.

  1. Mahaparinirvana Temple

Mahaparinirvana Temple is known to be one of the holiest Buddhist temple and it is situated at Khushi Nagar, India. It is one of the most visited tourist places not only by domestic tourists but also by foreign tourists because of its spiritual aura and beautiful architecture. This temple was built by the Indian Government in 1956. Inside the temple,   there, reclining Buddha image lying on its right side with the head  to the north. The statue is 6.1m long and rest on  a stone couch. There are no entry fees to enter in this temple and the timings are 6am to 9pm.

  1. Sarnath Temple

Sarnath Temple is also known to be one of the holiest Buddhist temple and it is situated at Varanasi, India. This Buddhist temple was built by the great Emperor Ashoka. It is a sacred place where Lord Buddha delivered  his first sermon. Sarnath is the first place where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma. There is a village1Km away from the sarnath known as the singhpur where shreyansanth  was born. That is why sarnath is also an important pilgrimage site for Jainism. This temple is also known as Isipatana. This temple has a peaceful, clean and calm environment which provides relaxation to the mind and body. This thing attracts the tourists to visit in this temple. Entry fees of this temple is Rs 5 per person for Indians and  for foreigners Rs100 and the timings are 8.00Am to 6.00Pm( all days of the week).

  1. Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest temple, which is situated at Madhya Pradesh, India. This temple represents the beauty of Buddhist art. Its beauty is enough to capture your heart. This temple was built under the guidance of the Emperor Ashoka’s wife and daughter. This temple was built in the 3rd century and the height of this temple is 54 feet and it has several chambers which contain the relics of Buddha this thing attracts the tourists. so everyone must visit in this temple. Entry fees of this temple are Rs 40 for Indians and  Rs 600 for foreigners and the timings are 6.00Am to 6.00Pm.

  1. Ramabhar Stupa

Ramabhar Stupa is situated 1.5 away from Mahaparinirvana temple. It is one of the most important monument in khushinagar.  The structure of this temple was constructed by Malla Kings and it is 50 m  high.  This is the place where Lord Buddha was cremated  and got Mahaparinivarna, khushinagar is the place that has been frequented by Lord Buddha. In this temple there is a sheet of water called Ramabhar jheel. There is no entry fees to enter in this temple and the timings are 6.00Am to 9.00Pm.

Before planning your trip, must check out the Palace on Wheels cost for the peak and lean season.

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Immigration Assistance: Why Hiring a Lawyer Makes Sense

If you are applying for a visa for the UK, filling out all the correct forms and supplying the right documents can be a nightmare. If you’ve no experience with immigration and its many processes, you could easily get something wrong and have your visa application refused. Getting a long stay visa is often a difficult, drawn-out process, the easiest way to speed things up and guarantee success is to contact a professional. Skilled lawyers who offer immigration advice in Leeds also provide a wide variety of other services, including:

  • Marriage applications
  • Work permit applications
  • Services for UK businesses
  • Switching categories
  • Detention advice, asylum applications and deportations

If you need any kind of information or recommendations on visa application and how to deal with UK immigration, it is sensible to hire an experienced lawyer to give you assistance.

Why Should You Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Law is Complex: One of the main reasons to hire an immigration lawyer is to help navigate your way through the minefield that is immigration law. If you haven’t studied the subject in detail, you won’t know where to start when filling out an application or what documentation to include.

Constant Changes: Immigration law has major updates 2 or 3 times a year, so if you don’t work in the industry, you won’t be aware of these changes.

Right Choice: Selecting the right visa for you saves you both time and money. If you make the wrong application, you’ll be refused entry to the UK.

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Top Benefits Of Living In Portugal

Peaceful and pollution free environment makes our living quite healthy and comfortable. All places in this world have their own significant features but Portugal has its own specific specialities that make this place as the preferred choice of millions of people across the globe. That’s the reason that planning to get a golden visa for your residency in Portugal is sought after by many.

What makes Portugal so popular – It is the following unique features that encourage large numbers of people to live in this country that is so popular:

  • Weather – Portugal, with its mild climate throughout the year, encourages people from across the globe to stay here. The atmosphere in this region of the world is loveable.
  • Peace of mind – This serene area with its peaceful atmosphere in the world fills the humans with peace of mind and relaxation. They just love living in Portugal that has become the preferred choice of millions of people across the globe.
  • Quality of life – Those wishing to spend their life with quality features just prefer staying in Portugal, considered to be the heaven on the earth. Overall safety, good health care and comfy climate are the unique characteristics of Portugal.
  • Unique landscapes – Eye-catching landscapes like the western coastline and mountains are quite appreciable. Nature reserves and national parks are visited by thousands of tourists each day. People love walking on the sandy beaches that are the focal points for sun seekers and the guys in search of overall peace.
  • Affordable living and tasty food and drinks – Guys in search of reasonable pricing are fully satisfied with Portugal that offers genuine costs of the day to day needs. Grocery shopping and affordable pricing of food and other eatables in the restaurants make the lives so easy. Your pockets are not burdened in any manner when you go out for shopping in Portugal. It offers a great selection of seafood and fish etc. Tasty wines served to the visitors make them feel like living in heaven when they stay in Portugal. Wines made with quality grapes and other products in this country fill the guys with amusement and satisfaction.
  • Festivals – The usual street festivals almost on all days fill the visitors with great amusement. Significant events like the Santos festivals are so amusing that millions of guys get attracted to enjoy the same. Lisbon and Porto are quite famous for special events that are famous for drinking and tasty eating too.

Portugal offers unique experiences in golf. Colourful buildings and other places worth visiting are so marvellous that invite large numbers of guys to get a golden visa for your residency in Portugal, the renowned place.

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Best places to swim when visiting the town of Kommetjie

By far the biggest attraction for visitors to Kommetjie is the ocean. For surfers Long Beach is well known as one of the top surf spots in the world and for divers the underwater life is a massive attraction. But not everyone wants to surf or dive, some just want to sunbathe and swim. So where are the best places to swim in and round Kommetjie?

Kommetjie and the surrounding area have some wonderful, family friendly and safe places to swim. With expansive breaches, relatively warm water and some tidal pools the area is a swimmer’s paradise here some of the best places to swim in Kommetjie

Long Beach

The number one beach that has placed Kommetjie in the map is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. The beach is popular and easily accessible. For those wanting to soak up the sun and then take a dip in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean this is a great place to go.

De Kom

Owner of Kommetjie Beach Retreats mentioned that Kommetjie has multiple  tidal pools along false bay, the Kom is not far from Slangkop Lighthouse and is a very popular place to swim. De Kom is the perfect place for a family beach picnic day out. The grassed area near this fantastic tidal pool makes for a relaxed day at the beach. The tidal pool makes for safe swimming, perfect for families with young children.  From time to time flamingos come to the shallows adding something special to a day of swimming.


Another wonderful and safe tidal pool for a relaxing beach swim is Soetwater tidal pool. There is a small fee to enter the Soetwater resort, but it is worth every cent. The pools are named after the fresh rainwater the falls among the rocks and the pools, again, are a haven for nature. The nearby beaches are have some of the most pristine white sand found on any beach.

Beaches Nearby

There are many beaches just a stone’s throw away from Kommetjie that are excellent beaches for swimmers

Llandudno Beach

Parking can be a pain but provided you can park or are prepared for what may be a steep walk down to the beach, as a swimmer you have found heaven. Llandudno beach has it all but being the “wrong” side of the peninsula, the water is much cooler. However, for a fresh swim on a hot summer day followed by a late afternoon Picnic, Llandudno is a winner.

Fish Hoek Beach

A great place to swim, learn to surf or even learn to sail, Fish Hoek beach is a hive of activity in the summer months. Pristine sand, ice cream vendors and warm(ish) waters this may not be the quietest beach but it still makes the list of places to swim not far from Kommetjie. Fish Hoek beach is great for families.

Overall, there are plenty of beaches that make a great place to swim in and around Kommetjie. It is not difficult to find your own favourite spot or secret cove, aftercall, that is what has made Kommetjie what it is.

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Planning your excursions in Punta Cana

Planning the excursions in Punta Cana can be a tough ask. Particularly, if you haven’t been there or are not a seasoned planner for excursions, things can get difficult. At one side, they add up to your trip and are joyous and filled with adventure but on the other hand, if you fail to do it the right way, you may regret taking the trip. Therefore, one has to be careful about what he or she is doing and here are a few things to help you out.

What you want to achieve?

There are a number of different excursions and many of them are directed on various purposes. So, you have to consider what you want to achieve with the excursion. What is the ultimate goal? Is it to see a particular thing? or have a certain feeling? or just adventure and joy that you are looking for? Whatever it is, you got to plan before hand and evaluate the place accordingly before you proceed with the trip.

Don’t overflow

There are people that wish to get a few things from the excursion trip and then there are individuals who look to have it all. You don’t want to be the latter one because there are hardly any trips which will give you everything at once. You might have to take various excursion trips to diverse spots before you can finally have what you wish for. So, don’t be over ambitious and never overflow yourself with expectations or else you will be disappointed.

Double check

Many individuals would tell you to check and see that everything is organized, including the bus timings, tickets, timetables, first aid kits, bandages, food and snacks, and everything else. However, one should check and then double check to assure that he or she isn’t missing anything. Just a single flaw in your management can ruin the whole day.

So, you might want to get a planner to help you with excursions in Punta Cana as they can manage the trips for you, along with the tickets and bookings and everything else that you need.