By far the biggest attraction for visitors to Kommetjie is the ocean. For surfers Long Beach is well known as one of the top surf spots in the world and for divers the underwater life is a massive attraction. But not everyone wants to surf or dive, some just want to sunbathe and swim. So where are the best places to swim in and round Kommetjie?

Kommetjie and the surrounding area have some wonderful, family friendly and safe places to swim. With expansive breaches, relatively warm water and some tidal pools the area is a swimmer’s paradise here some of the best places to swim in Kommetjie

Long Beach

The number one beach that has placed Kommetjie in the map is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. The beach is popular and easily accessible. For those wanting to soak up the sun and then take a dip in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean this is a great place to go.

De Kom

Owner of Kommetjie Beach Retreats mentioned that Kommetjie has multiple  tidal pools along false bay, the Kom is not far from Slangkop Lighthouse and is a very popular place to swim. De Kom is the perfect place for a family beach picnic day out. The grassed area near this fantastic tidal pool makes for a relaxed day at the beach. The tidal pool makes for safe swimming, perfect for families with young children.  From time to time flamingos come to the shallows adding something special to a day of swimming.


Another wonderful and safe tidal pool for a relaxing beach swim is Soetwater tidal pool. There is a small fee to enter the Soetwater resort, but it is worth every cent. The pools are named after the fresh rainwater the falls among the rocks and the pools, again, are a haven for nature. The nearby beaches are have some of the most pristine white sand found on any beach.

Beaches Nearby

There are many beaches just a stone’s throw away from Kommetjie that are excellent beaches for swimmers

Llandudno Beach

Parking can be a pain but provided you can park or are prepared for what may be a steep walk down to the beach, as a swimmer you have found heaven. Llandudno beach has it all but being the “wrong” side of the peninsula, the water is much cooler. However, for a fresh swim on a hot summer day followed by a late afternoon Picnic, Llandudno is a winner.

Fish Hoek Beach

A great place to swim, learn to surf or even learn to sail, Fish Hoek beach is a hive of activity in the summer months. Pristine sand, ice cream vendors and warm(ish) waters this may not be the quietest beach but it still makes the list of places to swim not far from Kommetjie. Fish Hoek beach is great for families.

Overall, there are plenty of beaches that make a great place to swim in and around Kommetjie. It is not difficult to find your own favourite spot or secret cove, aftercall, that is what has made Kommetjie what it is.

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