Europe has breathtaking castles, cathedrals, major tourist attraction sites, little historic towns, and bustling big modern cities. However, it might be quite challenging to pick the best places to go on a cruise. Some of the best cruises in Europe include;

Seine River

The Seine river is perfect for couples and art lovers. While sailing on the seine river, you will be taken right through the heart of the popular country France. You will sightsee in Paris. The cruise will also make stops at Normandy, Giverny, and Rouen.

Rhine River

The Rhine river is one of the most known rivers in Europe. It runs through France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. You will experience many cultures, cuisines, and intriguing sites. Interesting things to sightsee are the Cathedral in Colon and the Swiss Alps. You can also taste the best Riesling wines in Rudesheim.

Main River

The Main River cruise is the best way to explore Germany. If you love history, wine, or beer, you will feel right at home. The Main River is connected to the Danube and the Rhine. However, if you want a longer vacation, you can connect to Austria.

Danube River

The Danube River flows through many countries such as Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, and Serbia among others. When you sail on the Danube River, you will get to cruise through Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, and the Austrian Lake District. You can wander around historic and medieval cities and towns, discovering the ancient history and culture of the places and the inhabitants.

Douro River

If you are passionate about food, music, or history, then Douro River is the place to be. The river passes through Portugal and enters Spain. You will feel the warm sun on your skin and the soft breeze as you and your loved ones sail through quaint little villages and big vineyards. If you are lucky, you can experience or even partake in their traditional Flamenco show. You can also visit a cafe or restaurant and experience their traditional cuisines. If you love wine, you can partake in wine-tasting from some of the biggest wine producers in the region.

Rhone River

The Rhone River starts from Switzerland and flows all the way to France. If you want to go on a honeymoon to an unforgettable place, then start booking these cruises in Europe. If you love history or learning new things, then you should look for Rhone River cruises. Explore the Roman ruins that are found in Alrles. You can also explore the Gothic buildings situated in Avingnon. Explore the UNESCO world heritage site.

These River Cruises in Europe will enrich your travelling experience and fill you with immense knowledge on the different countries, the cultures of their inhabitants, the cuisine and their rich history. Europe has many world-class capitals and is home to some of the most popular and renowned cities in the world. River cruising can be a bit expensive. However, if you plan appropriately, you may be able to enjoy a river cruise at a friendly budget.

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