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Schools Reopen In UK

After being closed for several months due to coronavirus in the UK, schools have reopened and millions of students have resumed their studies.Millions of students in the UK went to school after months of closure, and SOPs were introduced in schools.Students are instructed to maintain social distance, handshakes and hugs are strictly prohibited at school, and violations can result in…

Corona Victims In Europe

More Than 4 Million Corona Victims In Europe

The number of Corona victims in Europe has risen to 4 million and the death toll to more than 216,000. In Russia, the number of people infected with corona has risen to more than one million.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to launch an advertising campaign this week to encourage employees to work from their offices.The coronavirus has killed…

Indian Forces

Indian Forces Martyred 20 Kashmiris In August

The Indian Army in occupied Kashmir martyred 20 innocent Kashmiris in August.According to media reports, 92 civilians were injured by Indian forces firing pellet guns and other weapons and tear gas shelling during the month.According to the report, Indian forces have arrested most of the people under the Black Law Public Safety Act.

Pennsylvania Pocono

Reasons To Visit Pennsylvania Pocono Region This Winter

Pennsylvania’s Pocono Region comprises mountains, hiking trails, quaint little towns of historical significance, resorts, and more than a hundred natural lakes! It spreads over four counties. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state and the whole nation! This single paragraph is not convincing enough. This is why one should pay attention to the following reasons…

Nile Cruise

Why Choose A Nile Cruise For Your Next Holiday

Looking for a unique experience for your next holiday? If so, have you considered a Nile river cruise? A Nile river cruise can offer you experiences you simply wont be able to have on other types of holiday – such as package or beach holidays. Travelling the Nile to see various sights, countries and cities alongside it will give you…

5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

India is well known for its culture and rich heritage. It is also a landmark for many historical wonders and monuments. According to the UNESCO, there are almost 36 world Heritage sites in India. Tourists all across the globe will appreciate these UNESCO sites. Some of the few examples of these sites are Kaziranga National Park, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal,…

Booking a Hotel

Tips for Booking a Hotel

Leeds is one of the most popular cities in England. If you are planning to visit Leeds, you will want to make sure that you make a booking at a local hotel. Leeds is a big city, so there are plenty of hotels that you can choose from. It’s recommended that you start planning in advance. There are several types…