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Top 5 Places to Enjoy Durga Puja in India

Durga puja is a festival, mainly it is celebrated in west Bengal and many other places in India. This festival is celebrated during the month of September and October. During this festival, people make a theme based ‘pandal’ and people perform rituals to the statue. Sometimes certain regions conduct competetions to find out the most beautiful ‘Pandal’ in the region.

In this article we will talk about the top places to enjoy Durga puja in India.

  1. Kolkata

 Kolkata celebrates Durga puja with great joy. This festival is celebrated because peoples believe that the goddess return to them like a married women. Durga puja is not a merely a religious festival. It is a grand celebration, an exultation of spirit. They make pandals on roadside and some make at their homes. Inside the pandal you can find the beautiful statue of Lord Durga.

Durga puja is one of the most popular festival of Kolkata and Kolkata is at the top place to celebrate this festival. If you are planning to visit Kolakata during the month of September and October so don’t skip to celebrate this festival.

  1. Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the best destination to visit during Durga Puja. There are several amazing Durga Pandals in Mumbai but Balkanji temple in Santacruz is a must visit destination. The celebration will be similar as a West Bengal and many bengalies and celebrities visit at top pandals  in the city. The main is that in Mumbai pandals are hosted by Mukherji family and in pandals both vegetarian and non vegetarian food is served.

  1. Varanasi

Varanasi is also at top list to celebrate Durga Puja. Varanasi is the oldest city in the world. There is no comparison of the event as the organize. The best pandals to visit in Varanasi are Hathua Market, Shri Durga puja Sewa samiti at Sanatan Dharma inter college and you can watch the live performance of Baba Machhodranath at Jitpura pandal of Ma Bageshwari Durga puja club.

In Varanasi, Durga puja stay till the 10 day to witness the celebration of Dusshera. If you are celebrate the Durga puja or you like to watch pandals, you can celebrate the Durga Puja at Varanasi also Varanasi is also a best place to celebrate this festival. Read more about the itinerary of Palace on Wheels train which showcase all the destinations.

  1. Benguluru

Benguluru is an important destination where Durga Puja is celebrated and Benguluru celebrate this festival similar as a Kolkata celebrate. The benguluru is also more excited to welcoming a Durga Maa as compare to Kolkata.

The best Pandal in Benguluru are ‘ The socio Cultural Association’ located in Indranagar, cubbon park film city, Banglore Palace. In this pandal thousands of tourists and locals visit.  The best part of this Pandal is beautiful Durga statues delicious food like Kobiraji cutlet, Luchi Mangsho and others dishes. Banguluru is the main destination to enjoy Durga puja.

  1. Assam

Assam committee organize the largest Durga Puja in this region. In Assam 100ft tall statue of Durga made by bamboo. This feature attracts the tourists to visit the Pandal and you can find music performances, dances and many more in this region. Before planning your trip, must check out the iconic Palace on Wheels route map which shows all the destinations.

Pandal welcome all the peoples of all religion to celebrate the Durga puja. There is no caste discrimination to enter in the pandal. If you are planning to visit Assam during the month of festival so don’t skip to celebrate this festival. Assam is one of the best destination to celebrate this festival.


Perform a Quick Safety Check On Your Car Before Your Road Trip

Believe it or not, but the working condition of your car has a considerable impact on the success and failure of your road trip. A lot of people fail to get that much-needed funfilled experience due to the frequent mechanical breakdowns that they experience with their vehicle. If you are planning to discover the outback destinations in Australia, it’s even more significant for your campervan to be in good working order. Not every vehicle can give excellent performance in rugged terrains.

A smooth drive is essential for making you feel relaxed and happy. But the moment you experience any issue with your vehicle, you start panicking. And if your vehicle breakdowns in such a place where you can’t find any technicians, the levels of fear and frustration go even higher. In case you have that basic knowledge, you will still manage to deal with your situation. But if you no nothing about it, then you can’t handle the condition without the assistance of a well-trained mechanic.

So whenever you plan a road trip, you need to have a well-maintained vehicle. In case you are planning to hire a campervan then it’s okay because you can book the one which has the up-to-date maintenance history. All you have to do is enquire effectively about the vehicle that you are planning to hire. And if you manage to find a reliable campervan rental provider, half of your problem gets solved automatically. The reason is, a good company always offers quality vehicles to its customers.

However, if you have your campervan, make sure that you carry out a quick safety inspection to ensure you do not face any problem.

Here is What You Should Check


One of the most imperative parts of your vehicle, tyres should always remain in good working order to increase your safety. So, even if you have serviced it recently, make sure that you inspect your tyres while performing the safety check. Examine them for wear and tear, and in case they need any repair work, find a reliable mechanic for it. Don’t leave your car in the hands of an amateur technician; you might not get good results.

Ask the technician to examine your tyres thoroughly, and allow them to fix even the smallest problems. Also, make sure that you check tyre pressure as well.

Your tyres should always have the recommended pressure. You should never drive your vehicle if it lacks that.


The efficiency of your vehicle depends a lot on the performance of your engine. Any problem with it will lead to inefficiency and breakdowns, so make sure that you carry out a quick inspection for it as well. In case you have no idea about how a vehicle’s engine functions, then you should get it checked from an experienced mechanic. However, if you are aware of the basics, you can inspect it yourself.

Fuel Filter

The primary role of a fuel filter is to prevent dirt from penetrating the engine. And if it fails to work the way it should, it can affect your engine gradually. So if it has become too old, and has stopped fulfilling its purpose, you should replace it without a second thought.


Most people, who opt for road trips, prefer driving either early in the mornings or after sunset. And to drive safely during those times, it’s essential that your lights function appropriately. Whether you talk about headlights, tail lights, fog lights, brake lights, or signal lights, each one of them must perform in the right way.

Poorly performing lights can lead to horrific road accidents. Therefore, it’s better to fix every single issue linked to fog lights, headlights, brake lights, and tail lights, etc., before you start your journey.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is one of the most imperative parts of a vehicle; it helps you keep your campervan in the right direction. In case it fails to operate the right way, you will face massive troubles. It won’t only prevent you from enjoying the drive, but it will also increase your stress level. You will be bothered about your safety all the time. And especially if you are travelling with your kids, you will hate every bit of your drive because their safety remains your primary concern. So fix the steering wheel problems before you hit the road.

Windscreen Wipers

Whether you are planning to travel on a rainy day or a day with good weather, your windscreen wipers must function effectively. You won’t be able to see the road ahead if your windscreen is fogging up. You need to clean it regularly to drive safely. So if your windscreen wipers have become too outdated, it’s better to replace them with new ones.

Seat Belts

All the seat belts in your vehicle have to be in the right working order. One of the most significant safety features of a car, seat belts keep you intact in your seat during a crash, which eventually saves you from receiving harsh injuries. So if they are unable to provide the right support to you anymore, make sure that you replace them with new ones.

Apart from that, you should also replace the coolant, and examine the air conditioning system of your vehicle.


How To Find The Perfect Rod For Your Carp Fishing Trip

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, when it comes to carp fishing, a rod that has a length lying in the range of twelve to thirteen feet, with medium action, is ideal. The market is filled with several carp fishing rod manufacturers which is why one may find it a bit confusing while choosing the perfect carp fishing rod.

There are a plethora of rod specifications that can suit the style and expertise of an angler. This is the reason why in order to select the right one for you from a huge range of carp fishing rods, you would need to be familiar with a few specifications.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few things you need to consider when you want to find the perfect rod for your carp fishing trip:

The length of the rod matters a lot

For standard fishing trips, a fishing rod of ten to twelve feet in length will suffice but when we are going after carp, then it is best that you go for a thirteen feet specialised carp fishing rod. The length of the fishing rod matters a lot since carp fishing means you would need to have room in your fishing rod in order to attach all kinds of accessories.

Always remember the fact that the greater the length of the rod, the more ground you can cover every time you cast the line.

Keep an eye on the test curve of the rod

When you are searching for a carp fishing rod, it is best to go for those that come with a test curve of more than 3 lbs. These specialised rods come with a refined design that allows the angler to cast their line to an extent of 120 yards or more!

Don’t forget to purchase special reels dedicated to carp fishing

Carp fishing is different from normal fishing. You would need to change your reels as well. There are plenty of specialised reels out there designed specifically for carp fishing.

Opting for specialised carp fishing reels will allow you to easily balance your rod. On top of that, specialised carp fishing reels will come with an added length of the line. The line is often reinforced thus allowing you to be confident enough to go after the big catch.

When you are fishing for carp, it is best to keep in mind that having a rod that would enable you to explore the bottom of the water body is essential. Be sure to go for rods that have marker feature in them. These rods will be stiff and comes equipped with braided mainline along with a marker float. When the line is cast, the marker will allow you to figure out the feeding spots in the water easily.

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6 top destinations to visit with your kids

Everyone wants to travel with their complete family members and loved ones to their favourite places for vacation. It is a dream to spend the best time of your life with the ones you love the most. It has a lot of benefits such as travelling with your family and kids makes you closer to each other. You are a family, but you become a single unit by developing a greater bond. Having this feeling has no other comparison or precedent, and it helps a lot in the development of your children. However, there are quite a lot of challenges you have to face and issues to resolve when you are travelling with family, especially kids. For a near-perfect travelling experience, you need to consider the importance of these issues and challenges.

All these issues have to be attended beforehand you start your travelling in the planning phase. You should take care of your kid’s diet, their interests, likings, and other important things. One such aspect of travelling with kids includes a destination with caters all their likings and needs, as well as providing everything to them. For this reason, it is important to determine the top destination to visit with them before planning a trip. Your destination plays an important part in determining the number of challenges you will face. When travelling with children, it is important to decide a place that is best suited to all their needs. Read this article and find out about these places to visit with kids.

6 top destinations to visit with your kids

Travelling as a family is always special. You see places and monuments together and make the most of each moment. The best part is seeing your children happy with you, and this moment is totally priceless. If you don’t believe in travelling with family, or in travelling at all, you should consider a trip with all your loved ones. This will alter your thinking towards your family and loved ones. Following is a list of places that we want you to visit with your children, as they are beautiful as well as convenient for family trips. So read it all, and plan your trip accordingly.

But before starting with this blog post, we will recommend our readers to acquire the services of a renowned travel agency. They can help you plan your trip in these countries with amazingly low-cost flight tickets, suitable hotel accommodations, travel transfers, and car rentals. Click here to avail these services and more, and make your trip unforgettable with amazing memories to recall later.


Thailand is one of the best locations on Earth where everything is easily available for you and your kids. A trip to Thailand can be convenient in so many ways. This country excels in the tourism industry, which is why it has developed its destinations. There are a lot of heavenly beaches, resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, mountains, and other amazing opportunities in this country, which makes it perfect for you to plan your vacations. If your child gets sick, you can easily get him to a specialist physician in no time.

You can also find food items that can be easily consumed. In this way, your kids will stay healthy. Thailand has everything in its stores to satisfy visitor of any age or gender. This is why it is on top of our list. Reaching it is also quite easy now. The capital city of Bangkok has become one of the biggest transportation hubs in Far East Asia. You can easily fly to Bangkok in a luxury airliner or even a simple one. You can also find suitable accommodation, and all other travelling transfers as well.


Turkey is a great destination to visit with your family and children. It has almost everything that interests a person. With cultural cities like Istanbul, Ankara, to the amazing destinations beach destinations such as Bodrum, Turkey has all the marvels to amaze you. Kids love to fly in a hot air balloon, and Turkey has just the city where you can enjoy the best moments of flying in one. If your kids are into history, this country has some of the best-preserved ruins of ancient Roman/Byzantine Empires. There are also other amazing landmarks and noteworthy places such as Cappadocia, Anatolia, Pamukkale, and much more. Do consider visiting this Eurasian country with your kids this year.


Romania is truly a magical country in Europe. This place has all the potential to become your next destination for a family trip. The Transylvanian country has some of the best medieval towns, cities, landmarks such as churches, city centres, castles, palaces, and etc. From nature’s perspective, Romania is also quite beautiful. There are quite a few breathtakingly beautiful sights in Carpathian Mountain Range that you can visit with your kids. There are quite a few marvels in Romania which will capture the hearts and minds of everyone in your family.


Denmark is a Scandinavian country that has a lot of tourism potential. The capital city of Copenhagen is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. With so many things to do and places to visit, it should be on your list of places to visit with kids. Your kids will have the best time of their lives enjoying the best rides in Tivoli Gardens, which also happens to be the world’s second amusement park. There are a lot of other attractions as well such as the zoo, aquarium, shopping malls, and etc.


Located amongst Middle East Asia, and Central Asia, Iran is a very beautiful country with a diverse landscape. Due to Western sanctions, the economy is not good and the image of the whole country is also not shown correctly. This is the reason you won’t find Iran in any other list of a potential tourism destination. However, Iran is full of such opportunities. With serene beaches on its coasts, as well as boundless access to the Caspian Sea, this place is truly splendid for every traveller. You can travel with family and kids in Iran without any hassle, and it is quite safe too. There are also cultural cities such as Tehran, Qom, Bandar Abbas, along with historical cities and ruins such as Persepolis, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and much more. You can also visit the mountainous region of this country, and be amazed at nature’s marvels.


Nepal is one of the most assorted and attractive countries in the world. The beauty of this country has given it a nickname from all the foreign travellers, and people call it heaven on Earth. This country has the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, along with some other highest peaks of the Himalayas and the world. For this reason, Nepal is a tourist magnet for everyone especially mountain lovers. Most kids love to trek in the mountain passes and they have this likeness from a very young age. If your kids possess this feature, you need to visit Nepal soon. This country has other places to offer to such as wildlife parks, cultural cities, temples, markets, and much more. Plan a trip to Nepal and you will never forget every second spent.

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How you can enjoy the most exhilarating trip to Jim Corbett with your friends

Do wish to relax in the midst of natural surroundings, wildlife, and extravagance in the company of your best buddies? Well, this is something that we all yearn for, right? One should always try to spend around 3 to 4 days with their friends so as to make the best of any trip and relax. There is one such place which is definitely very popular among youngsters for group tours and vacations are Jim Corbett National Park.

All you need to do is to embark on a journey with your good friends to the untamed woodlands of the flora and fauna national park in Jim Corbett. The best part about going to this national park is that you not only get the chance to explore the wildlife but also can have fun by doing different types of fun-filled activities.

There are so many activities that you can do during your stay in the Jim Corbett hotels and resorts. Let’s have a look at some of the mind-blowing and exhilarating activities that you can do in this national park.

Camping group tour

When you plan to visit Jim Corbett National Park this holiday season, make sure that you do join the camping group tour. There are many companies that organize such kind of overnight stay camping tours wherein you will be provided with the camping accessories and food everything. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the bonfire.

Valley Crossing 

Crossing the river, feeling the cool breeze against your face, while being hung on a rope above the river and feet on the parallel rope is definitely something that you should experience during a visit to Jim Corbett National Park. With secure harnesses and complete safety procedures, you don’t need to worry and go back with a sole rousing memory after your trip to Corbett.

Flying fox activity

If you are thinking about having adrenalin rushed adventure during your stay in the Jim Corbett hotels and resorts, then you must try flying fox without a miss. The electrifying floating exploration is something you will never ever forget in the years to come. A pulley on hold to a cable, driven by gravity, here in the middle of the glistening rivers and mountains of Corbett, with the secure harnesses, will hold you safer and take you easily from one end to the other while you’re charmed swaying in the air, and feel like a flying fox.

Free Fall

The mini skydiving over the overflowing Kosi and Himalayan mountains, predefined successions of mid-air drills, tossing front and back, whirling and rolling, yelling and dribbling and perfectly landing on the bank of Kosi river- it is definitely something that you wouldn’t have ever experienced and even imagined. You will fall in love with this most beautiful place during your stay in the Jim Corbett hotels and resorts.

If you wish to enjoy all the above-mentioned most exciting activities, then do plan to visit Jim Corbett National Park in your next adventurous adventure.


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Popular Buddhist Temples in India

India, is widely known as the birthplace of Buddhism. Buddhism pilgrimage and temples are very famous and this religion is most popular among the truth because of its wonderful teachings which promote non-violence and truth.

We have made a list of the most famous Buddhist temples in India that you must visit.       

  1. Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple is situated at Bodh Gaya, Bihar. It is one of the oldest Buddhist  temple. This temple was built in the 3rd century by the great Emperor Ashoka and it is considered as one of the holiest pilgrimage spot for Buddhists in the world. When you will enter in this temple you can find many elements like Paintings and Sculptures of Hindu gods like Lakshmi, Sun God, and the eagle God and other. This temple is made of brick. This temple is around 55m tall and it is renovated several times in the 19th century. There are no entry fees to enter into this temple and the timings are 5am to 9pm.

  1. Mahaparinirvana Temple

Mahaparinirvana Temple is known to be one of the holiest Buddhist temple and it is situated at Khushi Nagar, India. It is one of the most visited tourist places not only by domestic tourists but also by foreign tourists because of its spiritual aura and beautiful architecture. This temple was built by the Indian Government in 1956. Inside the temple,   there, reclining Buddha image lying on its right side with the head  to the north. The statue is 6.1m long and rest on  a stone couch. There are no entry fees to enter in this temple and the timings are 6am to 9pm.

  1. Sarnath Temple

Sarnath Temple is also known to be one of the holiest Buddhist temple and it is situated at Varanasi, India. This Buddhist temple was built by the great Emperor Ashoka. It is a sacred place where Lord Buddha delivered  his first sermon. Sarnath is the first place where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma. There is a village1Km away from the sarnath known as the singhpur where shreyansanth  was born. That is why sarnath is also an important pilgrimage site for Jainism. This temple is also known as Isipatana. This temple has a peaceful, clean and calm environment which provides relaxation to the mind and body. This thing attracts the tourists to visit in this temple. Entry fees of this temple is Rs 5 per person for Indians and  for foreigners Rs100 and the timings are 8.00Am to 6.00Pm( all days of the week).

  1. Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa is one of the oldest temple, which is situated at Madhya Pradesh, India. This temple represents the beauty of Buddhist art. Its beauty is enough to capture your heart. This temple was built under the guidance of the Emperor Ashoka’s wife and daughter. This temple was built in the 3rd century and the height of this temple is 54 feet and it has several chambers which contain the relics of Buddha this thing attracts the tourists. so everyone must visit in this temple. Entry fees of this temple are Rs 40 for Indians and  Rs 600 for foreigners and the timings are 6.00Am to 6.00Pm.

  1. Ramabhar Stupa

Ramabhar Stupa is situated 1.5 away from Mahaparinirvana temple. It is one of the most important monument in khushinagar.  The structure of this temple was constructed by Malla Kings and it is 50 m  high.  This is the place where Lord Buddha was cremated  and got Mahaparinivarna, khushinagar is the place that has been frequented by Lord Buddha. In this temple there is a sheet of water called Ramabhar jheel. There is no entry fees to enter in this temple and the timings are 6.00Am to 9.00Pm.

Before planning your trip, must check out the Palace on Wheels cost for the peak and lean season.


Car Rentals For Long Drives: Less Expense, More Exciting Trips

Owning a car is truly expensive, not to mention the cost of buying a brand-new one. In this sharing economy, it does not take someone to spend a lot to be able to drive exotic cars. People to date are renting vehicles as per their needs. Though taxis are good for short trips, car rental is what you may need when you want the car for longer. Some companies can lend you any types of vehicles, including the latest luxury models. If you don’t have a license, they can also hire a chauffeur as per car rentals to drive you anywhere. In other words, you get to try the various models of cars with no headaches of maintenance. It would only take you to find the perfect lax car rental that suits your needs.

Why Rent a Car?

The process of buying and owning cars can be frustrating sometimes plus you need to renew insurances and follow up for claims. Maintaining the car is also expensive, but it is necessary to extend its lifespan. So instead of doing such things, why not rent for a luxury car as per your need when you need it. The process of renting a car is simpler as you can even book for them over the internet. And the cost of the rental is much cheaper than owning a car, you can also choose with a variety of car options available.

Renting any vehicles for a longer period is possible and it is more cost-effective than other car deals. You can also get a chance to ride on any luxurious models, not only you can save money. But you need to figure out first how you may need the car and where to get it. The market of car rentals company can be overwhelming, so choose those with good offers. You can click over here for the most affordable and most exciting exotic car rental company near you.

See Locations to Get Cars

If you want to make the most of your rented cars, book ahead online on companies with wider car offers. In this way, you can pick any vehicles from race cars to luxury cars. Yes, there are car rentals that offer even the most exotic models from the rarest collection. Is it not fancy enough to drive an exclusive car unit without having to spend a lot? Besides getting your transport anywhere you wish to go, you can also get attention nearby. So might as well see locations over the internet to find the most impressive selection of premium luxury vehicles. Driving on a high-end car will let you experience a thrill to remember long after the rental.

Time Duration for Rentals

Not to spoil the mood, but consider the time duration of the car rentals and make clear deals beforehand. Check if the car you are eyeing is accessible so, you won’t be having trouble when you need it.


Not all can get to experience driving luxurious cars, but anyone can rent exotic vehicles without buying or owning one. Car rentals offer the most exciting vehicles for a thrilling ride, so find a company with a wide selection of exotic car rentals to choose from. Driving is driving anywhere you are, but the perfect car savors any trip around the world.

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The Ultimate Holiday Checklist

Have you been waiting for your holidays for a long time? Do you want to enjoy your holidays in the best manner possible? Of course, most people eagerly look forward to the holidays as it is the time of the year when you may go out and spend some leisure moments in a totally relaxed and stress-free manner. At the same time, it is also true that you need to make arrangements to plan a perfect holiday trip for you. As an instance, you need to arrange for Woking airport taxi services for stress-free travelling between your home and airport and vice-versa. Additionally, you also need to arrange for numbers of other things as well. For your convenience, here is the ultimate holiday checklist for you. 

Keep all the requisite documents 

Obviously, it is important and necessary to keep all the important documents such as your passport, flight tickets, boarding passes, visa application, health insurance card, identity proof and other requisite documents with you. It helps in making sure you that you may enjoy your trip without facing any problems. 

Keep payment cards and some currency in cash

Of course, it is also necessary to keep your debit, credit or other payment cards as well as some cash currency with you. It helps you to make payments in an easy and hassle-free manner wherever required. Cash currency may be used in case of emergencies. 

Arrange for taxi services 

Definitely, you need to arrange for Woking airport taxi services so that you may travel easily between your home and airport and then back to your place from the airport during your return from the trip effortlessly. 

Keep all the personal accessories 

Here, personal accessories mean your cell phone, watch sunglasses, reading glasses, hearing aids, and such other things that you essentially need to be comfortable even if you are away from your home. 

Pack clothes and accessories surely 

Certainly, packing your clothes and other important accessories in a wise manner is also important. Keeping in mind various spots, or activities that you are going to visit or participate, you must keep clothes accordingly. Also, you must keep your toiletries, beauty care products, hair care products and so on essentially in your bag to rule out the chances of any problems later on. 

Remember to keep your medicines as well 

It is vital that you must keep some common medicines with you. Also, you must remember to keep all medicines in case you are suffering from any diseases or disorders specifically. At the same time, keeping your medical reports must also be on your checklist. 

By paying attention to this checklist, you may surely organise your holiday trip perfectly and enjoy the same in an excellent manner. 

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The Best Ways to Visit London

London remains one of the world’s most visited cities. It is a place that has something for everyone, whether this is historical, artistic, or gastronomic. However, this popularity comes at quite a cost.

Streets can often be busy and prices can seem unreasonable. Without proper consideration, it is easy to find London expensive and overwhelming. This should not put you off, since, in actuality, this is a very small part of the London experience. There are ways to make your London trip more enjoyable and stress-free, and here’s how you can do that.

Allow Yourself Time

One of the biggest problems many tourists have in London is running short of time. There is so much to do, many ways to get lost, and an endless amount of traffic and crowds to be stuck behind. There’s no way around it, the price of London’s rich social and cultural landscape is busyness. However, this is easily remedied by allowing yourself more time than you think you might need.

Don’t overload yourself with activities. You will appreciate finding yourself with extra time far more than squeezing in an extra sight, especially when faced with an unexpected delay. London is also very walk able. While the underground is an excellent way to cross the city quickly and reliably, if you can allow yourself the time to walk, you will find it much less stressful. Plus, you may even discover a hidden gem along the way.

Find an Apartment

The rising trend for travel is now the apart hotel. You’ll have likely seen the name on the side of buildings walking around cities. An apart hotel is a mix of an apartment with a hotel. This means you get the familiarity and functionality of a home coupled with the benefits and services of a hotel.

These are especially valuable in London since they are far more affordable than hotels. In addition, having access to a home’s full kitchen means that you can cook for yourself and friends without having to pay for meals out. Take a look at these apart hotels in London to see the best options for your stay.

Locals vs. Websites

The internet is saturated with recommendations for restaurants and bars in London. So much so that it is difficult to find anything at all. This has led to a handful of places to become immensely saturated with visitors, rendering them enjoyable or constantly booked.

As a preferable alternative, ask the locals or friends who have visited before for recommendations. Word-of-mouth is a far more reliable source than online review websites. The city is full of traditional pubs, trendy secret bars, and fantastic restaurant like Kahani, but they are often hard to find.

Put some time aside during your trip to speak with locals about the best places to visit. Those who have visited London before will be able to advise you about their favorite experiences as well as places to avoid. Then, in the future, you will be able to do the same, helping others experience the city in a much better way.

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Immigration Assistance: Why Hiring a Lawyer Makes Sense

If you are applying for a visa for the UK, filling out all the correct forms and supplying the right documents can be a nightmare. If you’ve no experience with immigration and its many processes, you could easily get something wrong and have your visa application refused. Getting a long stay visa is often a difficult, drawn-out process, the easiest way to speed things up and guarantee success is to contact a professional. Skilled lawyers who offer immigration advice in Leeds also provide a wide variety of other services, including:

  • Marriage applications
  • Work permit applications
  • Services for UK businesses
  • Switching categories
  • Detention advice, asylum applications and deportations

If you need any kind of information or recommendations on visa application and how to deal with UK immigration, it is sensible to hire an experienced lawyer to give you assistance.

Why Should You Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration Law is Complex: One of the main reasons to hire an immigration lawyer is to help navigate your way through the minefield that is immigration law. If you haven’t studied the subject in detail, you won’t know where to start when filling out an application or what documentation to include.

Constant Changes: Immigration law has major updates 2 or 3 times a year, so if you don’t work in the industry, you won’t be aware of these changes.

Right Choice: Selecting the right visa for you saves you both time and money. If you make the wrong application, you’ll be refused entry to the UK.