Is there anyone who would not like to visit this beautiful capital of the U.S.A.? Certainly, the attractions in Washington DC are such that people of all ages would definitely enjoy coming here and spending at least a week’s time. In fact, the more interesting fact is that all of the attractions in Washington DC are accessible via the easy means of transport – meaning there is no tension of transport and journey time. When I first visited the city, I could only explore a few of its major highlights. When I returned, I made a decision that I would visit this city once again to explore it from all angles left by me. And, so I am about to tell you of the family adventure places and attractions visited in my second trip.

My Trip

My starting location was the art hub of the city, the Eastern Market that is among the most ancient indoor – outdoor markets of the nation. Located on the 7th and C Street, the North, South, and Central Halls along with the Market 5 Gallery are its attractions. But, the last one is where you have chance to meet many artists belonging to the different parts of the world and that you can even see or buy their works too. In addition, it is a fun place where a person of any age can paint, sculpt, dance, and do some crafts.

Next, the Laogai Museum on the M Street is dedicated to the Chinese history. Funded by the Yahoo! Human Rights Fund, the museum is the finale of democratic campaigner Harry Wu’s work for spreading the consciousness of the country’s gulag. Its collection are related to the history of the Laogai labor reform system in China, a severe system by Mao Zedong to take in the political protestors and revolutionize them to inspect any human rights violations by the international society.

On the Independence Avenue, the Library of Congress is where you can explore the collection of Congress including the copyrighted works and the federal administrative part of U.S. copyright rules. In addition, there are several cultural programs, art galleries, and photography memorabilia that reveal the interesting happenings, regions, and people of the human history. In the same vicinity is the National Air and Space Museum where you will be really happy to view the largest set of air and spacecraft that is not to be seen anywhere else on the planet.

Between the Independence and Constitution Avenues, the National Mall originally made by George Washington that is the symbol of the American government and culture. In the same area, do not forget to see the world-renowned U.S. Capitol that is the emblem of democracy. While wondering at its structure, you can also spot the American political members performing their duties. Next, the National Geographic Society Explorers’ Hall will keep you engaged via its many cultural programs and exhibitions in its museum, travelogs, and lectures in the Grosvenor Auditorium. Inquire as to what is going on while you are here by taking the help of your hotel’s receptionist.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps on the Jefferson Davis Highway in Virginia offers the state of the art interactivities related to technology and nautical history. On the New York Avenue, the National Museum of Women in the Arts is solely made to honor the women artists. All the exhibitions are quite stunning. There are also many theatrical and literary shows for you to spend some time along with a lunch in the cafe enclosed in art works.

Then, I also visited what is considered as the first museum of modern art in the nation – the Phillips Collection. Besides the world-class collection, the museum is the home to many cultural shows, live music hours, and a gift shop. There is also a refreshment spot here. If you are interested in exploring the ancient American ancestry and traditions, head to the Sandy Spring Museum on the Bentley Road that is accessible via in some few minutes from the city.

Explore the Sewall-Belmont House on the Constitution Avenue that has witnessed many legends of the American history such as the Louisiana Purchase and Equal Rights Amendment. Today, it is a museum packed with the objects and memorabilia of women’s rights. Know about the ancient city in this neoclassical structure of the Tudor Place Historic House and Gardens. Built by the first mayor of Georgetown and his wife, this mansion offers airy gardens, beautiful furnishings, work objects, and memorabilia; which all are in a very good state. The mansion is at the 31st Street and I explored it last among all the attractions in Washington DC.

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