St. Simons Island is often labelled as one of the best islands in the whole of America and Canada.

It is located on the Southern Coast of Georgia and is known for its natural beauty, off-beat recreational activities, warm hospitality, affordable accommodations, awesome eateries, and whatnot!

If this was not convincing enough for you then be sure to read the following sections where a few more appealing reasons to visit St. Simons Island in Georgia are enunciated.

Let’s begin:

It is known for its intriguing history and places of historical interest

Flying to St Simons Island GA for the weekend has many upsides. For starters, it has loads of history lessons to offer to anyone who is hungry for some information about the lesser-known American past.

For instance –

The Christ Church, located on Frederica Road was built by Reverend Anson Phelps Dodge, Jr. way back in the year 1884. He built it in the loving memory of his beloved wife, Ellen.

James Oglethorpe, back in 1736, established the renowned Fort Frederica here, on the island. The reason – Well he wanted to protect Georgia from the Spanish who were quite active at that period in the state of Florida

The battles of Bloody Marsh, as well as the Battle of Gully Hole Creek, were fought and won, near this fort.

A lighthouse was built back in 1810 by James Gould. It was destroyed by Confederate soldiers in 1862. The lighthouse, as well as the light keeper’s house that stands here today, was built back in 1872. Take a peek inside and you can quench your thirst for information since the place is packed with lots of informative displays!

You can partake in tons of activities

St. Simons Island is just next to the Atlantic Ocean. It has tons of marshlands that are packed with spartina grasses.

Okay – so what kind of activities can you enjoy here?

Well, you can go for:

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Sport-fishing as well as for
  • Boat tours!

The food here is made with locally sourced ingredients and fresh

There are more than sixty restaurants on St. Simons Island!

The menus offered in these eateries are wide, varying and the best part – they are reasonably priced!

The USP of the restaurants here in St. Simons Island is that all ingredients are locally sourced, and organically farmed. If you are a lover of seafood then you are in for a treat since these are all caught locally as well!

Sure, you have read tons of posts like this where someone is talking about a place that has amazing beaches, waves, and impressive food but bear this in mind that Georgia’s St. Simons Island has so much more to offer to its visitors! Apart from the reasons mentioned in the sections above, you should remember that this place has a rich American history that spans from the thirteen original colonies that started the USA to the Civil War and much more. If you want to know more about the great nation of the USA, you need to come here, ASAP and spend a week (or two)!

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