With the scorching sun and rising temperature in the UK, it is time for the holiday-goers to plan for a perfect beachside vacation. Whether it is with friends or family, enjoying one’s vacation on the beachside is a sure shot way to add fun and excitement to the boring life. If you would like to know about some easy tips to enjoy a perfect beachside vacation, contact on the beach customer support number.

While you get ready for the sun, sea and the sand, we share with you a few simple beach hacks that will ensure you enjoy a perfect beachside vacation.

  1. Use a beach sheet

Beach sheet makes for a perfect lounging space for the belongings of people going on a beachside vacation. A fitted sheet offers its users ample space at each of its corner to place one’s belongings protected from sand. Simply place your beach/cool bags in each of these corners, pull up the corners and you are ready with a sand-free, lounging space.

  1. Use toothpaste to soothe burns

There’s another purpose that toothpaste can serve, and it is nothing but calming down the burns and stings. Make sure that it contains eucalyptus to make it act effectively. To know more about the ways in which toothpaste can be used, dial on the beach telephone number.

  1. Smartly hide your valuables

Do not throw away the used suntan and aftersun lotion bottle as these can serve as a great place to store money and other valuables. When travelling with a child, make use of the child’s rolled-up nappy to serve the purpose. To know more about the creative ways to store valuables, contact on the beach customer support number.

  1. Easy BBQ station

BBQ on a beach can be managed in a much simpler and smarter way. Make use of decant sauces, sliced onions and tomatoes stored into a muffin tray and covered tightly with cling film. This will help you save a lot of space and stress. To understand the complete details about how to manage this station, contact on the beach customer support number.

  1. Freeze bottled drinks

Deep freezing the drinks that you might drink at the beach is a great way to keep it cooler for long. Once the drink gets over, the same bottle can be used to play games in the sand.

Impressed after reading these tips? To know more about such hassle-free tips for your next beach vacation, contact the representatives available at on the beach customer care number.

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