What exactly is a Water Park and why are They Now So Popular


What are commonly known today as “water parks,” are indoor or outdoor amusement parks which involve the playing in and around the theme of water.

  • They will typically have specific features such as brightly coloured water slides, surf simulators and zones for (in most cases), children to play and swim in.

Even though a lot of water parks will have a standard beach theme, the better one’s out there actually do have a real beach to play on. These are often besides a pool (Often known as a lagoon), where you can relax, play volleyball and even sunbathe!

Your Children Will Love Them!

Any lagoon you will see in a water park is similar to a swimming pool, although a great deal more creativity has been put into the design. They will normally be decked out with the likes of plastic palm tree-shaped water slides and various other tropical-themed playing apparatus.

  • Generally speaking, if you want to imagine a water park, think of a children’s playground with the added extra fun of lots of water.

A lot of water parks are equipped with what is often called a “splash zone”, or play area where sprinkler-like equipment generates fun sprays of water for children of all ages to play in.

Rides, Rafts and Plenty of Fun is Guaranteed

In most cases, water parks will normally have water rides which are very much alike non-water rides at regular amusement parks. For instance, water parks often have bumper boats in a water-filled area instead of bumper cars in a concrete one.

There are also what are known as “lazy rivers,” which you will see at many water parks. These are made up of water-filled zones which people can float along on tubes or rafts.

  • You will definitely see an interesting combination of exciting water rides and relaxing water-filled areas in a renowned water park.

The Bigger the Better!

The largest water park in Malaysia, is made up of a very large area with a wide range of different kinds and sizes of water slides instead of just the one or two water slides. The majority of water parks are fitted with special areas for youngsters and their parents.

Some water parks also have other attractions on the grounds such as a petting zoo or a children’s play gym and even an interactive cinematic experience. Others also have Jacuzzi hot tubs and wave pools and surfing areas.

The Perfect Place for Fun

Most water parks will sell the obvious beach themed food such as ice cream, cold drinks and other types of snacks, although at the better ones you may be able to find a full meal.

  • These are also an excellent alternative option for children’s birthday parties where children can run around and play to their heart’s delight.

The most modern water parks will not be that far away from a good hotel, so getting there is no problem at all!

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