Do you love your mobile phone? I am sure must do because nowadays mobile phones have become such an integral part of our life that we cannot imagine living without them. All of us have become addicted to using mobile phones to such an extent that it seems impossible to carry out simple tasks without them. Today we wear watch only if we our passionate about it because as far as keeping track if time is concerned we are very comfortable with using mobile phone for it. Similarly, watching videos, listening music etc. are all being done by using mobile phones.


Now that we have established how important mobile phones are to us, let us spend few minutes on telling you how to take good care of them. Taking care mobile is simple because you just need to use good accessories with them. We will discuss some of the accessories in this article. The first thing that we want to deal with is mobile security. Since modern mobile phones are continuously connected with the internet, they bear a much higher risk of getting affected with viruses and malware. You must have a very good security system to safeguard your mobile phone from attacks. The good news is that mobile phone security system has evolved a lot and hence you can reliably leave your mobile phone’s security to anti-virus systems. You just need to have a good anti-virus system.

The next thing that we want to talk about is physical safety of mobile phones. Unlike software and data safety, unfortunately mobile phone’s physical strength has not evolved much and as a result mobile phones except few are still very fragile. They need to be protected with some external casing. The good thing about external casing is that these casings serve many other purposes also. For example, light up phone case can serve the purpose of torch. There many different forms of casing available in the market and they serve different purposes. A casing, however good, cannot protect your screen if your phone falls on it. However, phone screen guards can serve that purpose very well. They protect the phone from all sorts of damages and shocks. Screen guards all protect your touch screen from oil spills, water, etc.

The last but not the least is the category of utility attachments such as head phones, chargers, etc. There are essential add-ons.

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What is a smartphone? The answer is that a smartphone is a phone that performs all that function which a computer can perform and a smartphone generally has a touchscreen ,with an Internet access which can run many application which are installed in that phone.


So a smartphone app is a software which is devices to operate on mobile phones and tablets .These applications orsmartphone apps are quite often pre-installed like net browser ,calendars,maps ,an application for  buying games or music or downloading many other applications.These applications if you don’t require and is occupying the storage space unnecessarily can be removed by General uninstallation.

Today many services,product or online stores run only through app which means you can only place your order if you have an app installed in your phone for that product or service. Many app that are it pre-installed can be easily installed which are available through a space or station called a App Store or a play store.This smartphone applications came into operation or became visible somewhere around 2009 are run by owner of the phone operating system like Apple App Store, Google play, Windows phone,Blackberry app,Android App Store etc.

When an app is bought with a price, approx. 25-30 percent of it goes to the distributor of the app and the remaining goes to the producer of that application.

These App were actually introduced for enhancing productivity and information collection through mails, contacts etc. but because of more demand from people it was expanded and it was made available into every possible categories of service ,product etc.Due to its easiness of operation these have become more prevalent that browsing any website on computers or laptops.

Like it has been said that apps are now available for every leading product or services,designing a smartphone app is not any child’s play,it has to be smartly designed, developed, distributed and marketed .Then only any smartphone app becomes successful.

The developers have to do a hard job in designing as we know that a smartphone runs on battery and their processors are less efficient than that of Computers or desktops. Also they have to consider a wide range of screen sizes and different configuration in each mobile’s software. They are first tested in an in their internal environment and then released for field testing.

Distribution of a smartphone app is key,finding an App Store whether the app can be downloaded from an App Store or if it’s an independent app for Android or any other operating system.